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Mediaserves the most important tool through activists who advocate fordifferent issues in the society to pass their message. Activists usethe media to agitate their target audience, empower people throughinformation, criticize those who their thing are violating humanrights, and initiative public debates for the good of the society.Activists create a situation that forces the media to play its roles.These roles include informing the public, performingcheck-and-balances for political or the ruling class, pushing foraccountability, and respect for the rights of all members of thesociety. This paper will analyze the media presentation “Malcolm Xmakes it plain (Full PBS Documentary)” that was compiled andpublished on June 15, 2013.

Informationfrom the presentation

Themedia presentation “Malcolm X makes it plain (Full PBSDocumentary)” was prepared by Glenn Gray and provides informationon four major themes. The first theme is race-based discrimination,where Malcolm X, a black American activists condemns the while whileswho discriminated against the people of color in the United States.Most importantly, Malcolm develops a new concept by stating that theblack Americans were discriminated because they begged to be loved bywhile Americans, instead of fighting for what they believed wasrightfully theirs.

Thesecond theme addressed is the significance of community empowerment.Malcolm used his public speaking capability to agitate the blackAmericans and inform that the white Americans will never respect themuntil they themselves rise up and demand for their position in theAmerican society. The issue of empowerment arises from the fact thatinforming people about what they have been denied is the beginning oftheir intention to fight for it.

Thethird theme that the presentation uses to inform the audience is therole of the media in enlightening and empowering the society. Fromthis presentation, the news “The Negro World” was a critical toolthat joined the African Americans and created a sense of unity, whichin turn served the basis of the desire to fight for their commonrights and interests. This informs about the role of the media ininforming the people and awakening them to help them understand theirworld.

Thefourth thee addressed in the presentation is the role of religion inenlightening the society. Malcolm is given as the example ofempowerment through Christianity and Islam. For example, Malcolmtells the black Americans if Jesus was to come again, He would comefor the oppressed (the black Americans) and not to the oppressor, whowas the white American community. Therefore, the presentation informsthat religion can enlighten people about issues affecting them intheir daily live, in addition to imparting them with positive values.


Thereare three factors to defend that fact that the media presentation wasgood. First, the presentation is based on primary information, whichenhances its accuracy. This is confirmed by the several sections ofMalcolm’s real-life recorded speeches and testimonies given bypeople who interacted with Malcolm. Although the information given bypeople making the testimonies may be biased, the media presents theinformation objectively by minimizing the opinion of the presenter.Secondly, the media is very clear, since both the pictures and soundscan be heard clearly. Third, the flow of idea makes the media clearand informative.

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