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Euripidesare one of the greatest playwrights of ancient Greece and bring theelements of both melodrama and realism into the art. The dramatistsuse controversial but complex characters in their works for instancein the play, a dramatic story of love, disloyalty andvengeance. A theme song creates an emotional and physiologicalbackground to the play: it can introduce, explain and question acharacter. In this case, picking as my secondary character, Iwould choose the theme song to be My by Vienna Teng.

Whythe song &quotMy .&quot

Ichose the song because it relates to how struggles with losingher husband and is left with her two kids whom she fears that shewill end up killing them, which she does. This is a major aspect withwhich I am willing to research so that I can know the backgroundabout these events.

Howit is relevant to both characters

Thesong has a connection with both characters because it is aboutemotions the love they have for each other. They love one anotherbut due to some circumstances they cannot be together. This shows thepain and distress they are going through. has no haven for theheart, and that to her means the children are also lost. As for Jasonhe hopes to unite finally the two family and make his mistress,this shows he is yearning for her love.

How contributes to the meaning of the play

`scharacter shows a woman who sufferings turn her into a monsterinstead of ennobling her. She is cold and cunning and unwilling tolet her enemies become victorious in any way. She has been used tobring out the theme of revenge and exile in the play.


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