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Thisfour-year marketing plan for Elegant Clothing company has beencreated by its two founders Manuela and Gabriele with an intention ofsecuring more funds to elevate its growth and to allow the employeesto be informed of the company`s current condition and its course.Despite the Elegant clothing company being launched four years ago,the experienced demand for its products have proved to be greaterthan what has been anticipated. Recent research that was carried outshows that the market for sport-minded consumers and retailers wouldlike to buy more of sports and casual clothing than what is currentlybeing offered in the company(Jain, 2010).Besides the need to explore opportunities for online sales, theelegant clothing company is also aiming at finding new ways ofextending their products and inventing new product lines. It is clearthat the marketing environment has been supportive and receptive tothe high-quality casual clothing, popular types with differentcolors, logos, and slogan reflecting the interests of outdoorfanatics around the cities and the country at large. A lot is stillanticipated in the next five years, and the company is lookingforward to increasing its distributions, retain the existingcustomers and win more of new customers and offer new products.

Aboutthe company

Twohardworking and visionary women started Elegant Clothing Company fouryears ago by the name Gabrielle and Manuela. They both hold a degreein business and marketing respectively. Gabrielle was employed in aparticular retail shop where she used to sell clothes and beddings.Manuela was working with a company that dealt with entirely differentproducts. Both women happened to be great friends and besides theirfriendship, they realized that they both had the passion for fashionand clothes. They both decided to develop a market in a line ofclothing that would be the unique but universal appeal to the extremefanatics. Elegant Clothing is an accurate reflection of the passionand zeal that Gabrielle and Manuela had. The company supply cottonT-shirts, vests, jackets, and caps bearing different sports logossuch as skating, horse riding, and surfing. Every piece of clothbears the company`s slogan ‘Elegant`. Men and women were readilyavailable in the enterprise, and they are sold in their hottestcolors, and alluring names like sunrise pink, cactus green and thelike. The attires at Elegant Company are mostly bought by smallretail shops, which specialize in outdoor clothing (Bayne,2004).Most of the stores are found in few states in the South, Californiaand some parts of England. The clothes encompass unique, high qualityand trendy types with different colors plus the single message on theclothing and this has made the Elegant company to gain more customersbetween the age of 25 and 45(Jain, 2010).Over the last one year, the firm has recorded tripled sales withhundreds of customers walking in the company every day. Currently,the firm is working tirelessly to expand and increase itsmanufacturing capabilities.

Elegantcompany` goals and mission

Elegantclothing company`s mission is to become the leading producer andexclusive marketer of casual clothing that are personalized toconsumers who are outdoors enthusiasts. The firm looks forward toinspiring customers to get outdoors more often and have a moment ofpleasure with family and friends while doing it. Besides, the companyalso endeavors to come up with designs and programs meant to preservethe natural environment. The company is looking forward to achievingseveral financial and non-financial goals in the next five years,which will drive it to another height of operation (Cohen,2005).They are looking forward to increasing the finances for manufacturingcapabilities, distribution and at least developing two lines ofproduction. Second, the firm is looking forward to increasing salesby 50% in the every year and donate at least twenty thousand dollarstowards the conservation of the environment.non financial goalsinclude starting two production lines mounted with customized logoand light weight luggage. Enter new geographic markets developonline sales while maintaining close contact with the existingcustomers. The company will also aim at developing its conservationprogram to help the community raise funds to purchase an open space.

Thetarget market

Thetarget market for Elegant Clothing Company is the active customersbetween the age of 25 and 45, both men and women. They target peoplewho can go out for weddings, parties, and celebrations. On the otherhand, they also target people who are active in sports, horse riding,surfing, and skating. They also consider that the active customersare well educated, single, or married. Despite these customers havinga stable income, they are very conscious of the prices and theyconsistently seek value in whatever they purchase(Jain, 2010).About their age within the target range, they all live an activelifestyle, they look for quality outfits, but they are not ready forpremium prices for particular brands. Currently, more customers arefrom North England and California but the company`s future target isto reach more on those living in South West and Mid-Atlantic states.

Elegantclothing share market with other several industries like Timberlandand Bass Pro Shops. Other small competitors like blue-sky companyoffer sports clothes for men and women and fleece clothes for skatersand hikers. However, the Elegant Company is mainly positive about thecompetition since considering the consumers they are investing inthe recreating programs that are close to their homes, again they arelooking for ways to enjoy and have leisure time with their familiesand friends without incurring much cost (Cohen,2005).Also, if the companies named above can be said to be competitors noneof them sell trendy clothes like the Elegant company offers eitherdoes any of them contains slogans and logos that the Elegant is aboutto offer in the near feature. Again, Elegant Clothing offers strictlyhigh cotton t-shirts at a very affordable prices giving everycustomer a chance to change to the newest color as much as possible.

Productstrategy currently the Elegant Company is selling high-quality cottont-shirts, fleece jackets and caps bearing the company`s logo andslogan ‘elegant`. The company has incorporated the trendiest colorswith names that are appealing to the consumers. In the next fiveyears, the company is planning to expand the products line to a morecustomized clothing items, add more logos and slogans. The strategywill keep the impression fresh and avoid dilution by the manyvariations. Also, the company is anticipating to expand the productline by offering items of lightweight luggage.

Thepromotion strategy elegant company communicates with the clients indifferent ways the company has an active website, they alsocommunicate through direct mailing and in persons(Bayne, 2004).Their communication seeks to differentiate its products from thecompetitors. In addition, the company relies on direct contact withthe retailers to establish what should be stocked in their shops. Thecompany benefits a lot whether the communication is directly orthrough the phone, by demonstrating the quality of products andbuilding strong relationships with the retailers. Salesrepresentative in the company visits the store twice or thrice a yearand offer in-store training for the new retailers of those who wantnew products.

Pricingstrategy,the elegant company prices their products withcompetition in mind. The intentions of the company are not to sethigh prices to earn prestige and repetition, either do they want toset low prices for their high-quality products instead the company ispracticing value pricing to ensure the customer is comfortable andwhen purchasing their products(Root, 2001).In addition, they include gifts in their pricing example birthdaygifts, graduation gifts and the like.

Distributionstrategy currently the elegant clothing company is known for thelocal regions and local specialty shops located in California, acrossthe South and New England. Climate and seasons is a major dictator oftheir distribution like t-shirts, and caps are bought mostly duringwarm weather while jackets are sold during the cold weather. In thenext five years, the company looks forward to expanding thedistribution to specialty retail shops across all nations’southwest and mid-Atlantic regions being the next target.Additionally, they are planning to expand online sales through theinternet only (Hiebing&amp Cooper, 2000).

Inconclusion, Elegant Clothing Company anticipates progress in itsoperations, in the near future. They have no any plans to exit themarket but to march forward and increase their presence in themarket. With the combination of all the factors discussed above thecompany, looks forward to satisfying the existing customers andcreate more of them.


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