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  • Global injustice and climate change are crucial issues

  • Capitalism is blamed for facilitating these two issues

  • Capitalism, however, is not the cause of these issues

  • Greed is not a part of the capitalism’s fundamental elements. This proves that capitalism, therefore, cannot be the cause of global injustice

  • Self-interest and short-term profit maximization creates fundamental challenges in the capitalism of today hence fueling greed of power and wealth

  • The things that people do, matters in affecting the lives of others. For instance, Volkswagen cars’ extra emissions are a threat to the environment.

  • Today’s capitalism should incorporate work ethic, fair competition and work ethic

  • People need to limit individualism by learning to live with other members of the society and the nature

  • Climate change is a real wicked problem that is connected with global injustice


  • The greed of power and wealth is the major ethical issue. These factors impact numerous adverse effects to the members of the society. The greed for these two aspects is the real cause global injustice as well as climatic changes which eventually affect the lives of the human beings. For example, the Volkswagen cars’ extra emissions can be considered by the greed for wealth. This will, therefore, affect the lives of the human beings.

  • Marginalization is another ethical issue likely to feature. This will be facilitated by the global injustice that is likely feature as a result of greedy wealth. There will be inequality whereby the rich will continue to become richer while poor will continue to become poorer. The operations of the rich people will be making the poor citizens victims of their operations.


  1. Membersof the society: the adverse effects of these operations addressed in this article will affect the members of the society directly. Climatic change will affect people living in the respective region. Every person who is living in the area the region in subject will have to breathe in the area and experience the sunshine. Once the climate change takes place residents of the respective area.

  2. The capitalists: the capitalists are the other significant stakeholders in this issue. Their operations play a significant role in the matters addressed in the article. For instance, the Volkswagen owner is overseeing production of cars which are polluting environment which plays a role in facilitating climatic change. Similarly, when their operations are backed up with greediness, facilitates great margin between the rich and the poor. The capitalists, therefore, are the stakeholders in this scenario.


Alternativeone: formulation of laws which will enhance equality and work ethic

Alternativetwo: teaching climatic changes are facilitated by the way people liveand hence every person has an obligation of protecting theenvironment.

Impacton stakeholders

Membersof the society

Formulationof the laws which will ensure work ethic and equality will help themembers of the society significantly. Work ethics will ensure thatcapitalists do not involve themselves in operations which causeadverse effects to the members of the society. Similarly, they willalso obtain equal opportunities of competing with the capitalist aswell as challenging their operations. This will save the members ofthe society from adverse effects of thecapitalists’ operations andhelp in bridging the gap between the capitalists and the poor membersof the society.

Teachingthe members of the society that the operations of human beings arethe major facilitators of the climatic changes, they are likely tocarry out their activities being environmental change conscious. Thiswill, therefore, change the way they carry out their operations.


Formulationof these laws will tend to limit the operations of the capitalistswhereby they will be forced to carry out their operations in anethical manner. This will ensure that they carry out their businessin an environmental friendly manner. Similarly, they will be requiredstructure their business in a manner that will ensure equality andfairness.

Educationover the protection of environment will also dictate the wayorganizations will be carrying out their activities. This impliesthat the operations of the capitalists will have to fit in theformulated laws.

Discussionand analysis

  1. Utilitarianism

Utilitarianismadvocates for the benefits for all. In this respect, I will recommendthe capitalists to regulate their operations so that they do notaffect the lives of the members of the society. I will also recommendthat the business environment facilitates fair competition andequality.

  1. Ethical egoism

Inethical egoism will make the capitalists feel that they have everyright to carry out their business activities as per their will.However, if they carry out their activities without regulation,people are likely to complain as a result of discontent. Similarly,if their operations affect the climate, they will also suffer due toadverse weather conditions.

  1. Categorical imperative

Inthe categorical imperative, the basic law that applies is treatingevery person equally and addresses the critical needs. This theoryimplies that the capitalists and the members of the society are equalhence there should be equality and fairness that would help them cometogether and address the climatic change and gap between the poor andthe rich.

  1. Distributive justice

Thistheory advocates for equitable distribution of benefits and harm toall the involved parties. Global injustice and climatic change needthe efforts of all the stakeholders to ensure a sustainable solution.

  1. Virtue ethics

Everystakeholder has his rights and hence should be treated as humanbeings but not objects. Respecting the members of the society I willrecommend the capitalists to kindly observe ethics in theiroperations. Similarly, the members of the society should not perceivethe capitalists as the reason for climatic change but every personplays a role in climatic changes.


Mydecision in this scenario is that climatic change should beattributed to capitalism. It should be taken personal. Rules andregulations which will ensure greed for power and wealth are requiredto ensure that businesses do not carry out operations that are likelyto affect people’s health adversely.

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