Major Sociological

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MajorSociological Theories

MajorSociological Theories

The three sociological theories to be compared are the symbolicinteractionist theory,functionalism theory and the conflict theory. The symbolicinteractionist or simply theinteractionist theory relieson the perspective that individuals develop a meaning to the actionsdone and determine the goodness or badness of the matter (Andersen &ampTaylor, 2008). The symbolic significance comes as a result of socialinteraction, and the meaning will be understood when one interactswith the social level making up the team. A good example is thereasons for abusing drugs among the youths and how the age grouptakes the act.

The functionalism theory originated from the major works of EmileDurkheim. The approach perceives that the society is organized insuch a way that there is stability (Dillon, 2010). The societysecurity relies on the social order. Weak social order leads to theinstability. The society is made up of institution plays a role inensuring the stability of that particular society. The conflicttheory supports how the coercion and power plays a great role inenhancing social order (Andersen &amp Taylor, 2008). According toKarl Marx, a proponent of the theory, society is made up variousgroups competing for the political, social and economic power. Thepeople in consensus, are the ones that form these groups and must bein opposition to another group.

As an individual, I identify with the functionalists theory. Ibelieve that each in the society has a role to play to make thesociety stable. The theory helps me to work hard in identifying mypersonal purpose towards making the society stable. In the process, Istimulate the people around me to find their role. That way, we arenot individuals who are merely adding to the population withoutserving a purpose that will benefit the society.


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