Local News And Public Health Responses

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LocalNews And Public Health Responses


RE:Response to Fox Article on Imbruvica

Theintroduction of Imbruvica to treat leukemia or blood cancer is amajor milestone in the fight against the disease. Chemotherapy hasbeen the only approach of dealing with the disease but has shownvarious side effects including loss of appetite, hair loss, nauseaand vomiting, mouth sores, greater chances of infection andtiredness. However, with the new Imbruvica, patients can avoid theseproblems. Even though there is still no evidence of the use of thedrug as it was only tested with adults over 65 years. Consideringleukemia affects a greater number of children, much is needed toestablish the effectiveness of the drug to reduce leukemia inchildren. The link between chemotherapy in leukemia and other cancerswill also make people shift towards Imbruvica as an alternative forcure of leukemia thanks to Johnson and Johnson’s invention.


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RE:Week 6 Response to Daily Bulletin on TB

TBis an airborne disease that is contracted through exposure to theMycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria that affects the lungs.Interestingly, Loma LindaVeterans Hospital has diagnosed a patient with TB and is concernedthat patients who may have come into contact with the patient mayhave contracted the bacteria. However, I do not understand why shesays it’s not an issue of public concern yet these people 1,700have made contact with their families, workmates and even friends insocial gathering and other public places. It could have been safer tojust carry out a TB campaign in San Bernardino County to ensure thatresidents get tested or report any symptoms of TB. Fortunately TB istreatable if diagnosed early enough. However, people with weakenedimmunity are at a greater risk for the disease.


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