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Livingin the USA


This paper intends to describe that living in the United States ofAmerica is better than living in Dubai. The paper seeks toarticulately analyze the living conditions present in Dubai and theones in the US. I used to live in Dubai in the year 1988, prior tomoving out to a foreign country. Primarily, this paper tests mywriting competency in giving a logical and well-persuasive researchpiece. The intended reader should be other foreigners coming to livethe “American Dream”, either from Dubai or other countries,particularly from the Middle East countries. The desired resultsshould be a well-driven motive that encourages many people to settlein the United States. In turn, the migration of people into theStates may end up boosting all dimensions of development. Thisresearch paper was first done in a few drafts and then the finaltopic was derived from the draft and put into this final piece, usingthe enough time available. The various sources used are listed in theBibliographic section at the last page of this research document.

Themain citation style employed here is the MLA (Modern LanguageAssociation). It has mainly been used to document the sources used.

Dubai is a Middle East city in the United Arab Emirates. It is one ofthe seven Emirates that collectively make up UAE. It is apredominantly an Arab-based city. The judicial structure isprincipally of “Sharia Law” system. Majority of the people areMuslims by faith. As of 2013, the Dubai Municipality StatisticsCentre conducted a survey and determined that sixty percent of thepopulation is Muslim ( population has continued to grow over the last three decades, andso is the number of foreigners in the city. It is also a metropolitancity, with varying cultures, as Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis andIranians make the Dubai population. Prior to 1988, much of Dubai wasundeveloped, not as we see today. It was in the entry stages ofgrowth and development. It was until the 90s that the emirate’sgovernment decided to make Dubai a tourist destination and majorinternational business hub center. The present state of Dubai wasdesigned a few decades ago.

The United States ofAmerica is one of the Western countries that is highly sought after,due to its immense wealth status, cultural diversity, advancedinfrastructure development and adherence to democracy as the mostfundamental rule of law. Such powerful status led to the birth of theidea, that is, “The American Dream.” The dream has led to themigration of many people to the States, and thus increasing the manpower, skilled and semi-skilled labor that is the key driver forattaining one of the best economies that is now observed. Many citiesin the US are far better than Dubai economic-wise, cultural-wise andfreedom-wise.


Unlike Dubai, the USA is predominantly a Christian based country, andwhere there is full exercise of democratic freedom. Dubai is mainly aMuslim country and so it practices the “Sharia Law.” The freedomof expression, freedom of speech, and many other right entitlementsare limited in Dubai, and this also a typical standard in the MiddleEast countries. The choice of dressing is also very strict.Foreigners always find it hard to cope up with all the restrictionsof the emirate city and so they usually end up being jailed. Forinstance, a British resident, Charlotte Adams, 25, and Ayman Najafi,24, were jailed for one month for exchanging a greeting kissing inpublic view ( to the Dubai law, Public Display of Affection is againstthe law. Such an act is common in the USA, and it is presumed as anobvious greeting way (kissing on the cheek). Other acts such asdisplaying nudity in the beach, sex in public places and eating foodin public view especially during the holy month of Ramadhan,is highly against the law of Dubai. Whether you are a foreigner ornot, one is obliged to strictly abide by the strict Islamic laws.Unlikely, the United States is a free-living society with fewerrestrictions. The Rule of Law, which is democracy is highlyappreciated. The US is the leading country, top super power and hasexemplified the correct way of respecting the human rights acrossmany dimensions. It endows the Western lifestyle that many peoplewould wish to have. The USA has risen among all odds and has becomethe foremost leading country in terms of infrastructure development,military supremacy and valuing democracy as the way of bettergovernance. Its currency, the USD (US Dollar) is better than the onethat mainly operates in Dubai-UAE currency which is the Dirham.One Dirham is equivalent to 0.27 USD.

Although otherreligions are tolerated in Dubai, evangelism and public promotion ofthe same is not tolerated. Foreigners will need to adjust to thecultural settings of the majority local people. Usually, Muslims willpray five times a day, and this means that most businesses will beclosed at the praying hours. Therefore, the non-Muslims populationhave to wait until the prayers are over, and this is commonly strictduring the Ramadhan period.

As seen earlier,Dubai is a city ruled by the Emirates family, and this ruling followsa caste system, where only members of the caste family will inheritthe monarchy. The absolute monarchy government is dictated by the alMaktoum family who decides the Emir that rules the city of Dubai( In the USA, the states, cities and towns are governed byelected members who represent the peoples’ will (voters) in allaspects of the ruling. There is no direct heredity of top positionsand so the common people get to choose who they want technically,this is called the rule of the people, and by the people.

In terms ofaccommodation, Dubai is way above the average person’s salary. Therent is highly expensive as compared to the cities in the UnitedStates. The average yearly rent in Dubai is about 150,000 Dirhamswhich translates to 40,500 US dollars whereas the average yearlyrent in the US is 6000 US dollars. The average rent in the USrepresents all cities. The cost of education in Dubai is also highlyexpensive. Residents of Dubai have to pay school fees for theirchildren, and this is accompanied by the heavenly financial burden.For example, the yearly tuition at the American School in Dubai, goesat a minimum of 40,000 USDs. In the US, the school fees arerelatively cheaper. Other utility bills are very high in Dubai. Dubaiis a city mainly inhabited by the expatriate community, andundoubtedly, the cost of living is very high ( outstanding and magnificent architectural structure, such as theBurj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab, are among the majortourist attraction sites. This has therefore led to the flocking offoreign tourists in Dubai and thus increasing the cost of living alltogether.

Under climate, Dubaiis a very hot cosmopolitan city. Temperatures are extreme and reachup to 52 degree Celsius, which is overly abnormal for human survival.Also, wind storms that blow from the nearby deserts usually pass overthe city’s space, and this creates confusion, especially in thetransport sector. Hot temperatures are experienced almost the entireyear. In the United States, the climate is usually differentaccording to the different times of the year, and many cities in theUS usually experience the four seasons that are: Autumn (fall),winter, spring and summer. Therefore, the climate in the US is quitefavorable and dynamic than the one in Dubai (


Despite the emergence of Dubai as one of the leading business hub, ofthe recent decade, the city is highly expensive for most people whomay want to visit it or rather stay there permanently. Dubai has alsobeen accused of mistreating the labor force that has greatly assistedin building the city. According to ABC News (5th August2007)-Dubai’s Dirty Little Secret, workers have experienced minimumwages, poor living and working conditions. Such workers are mainlydrawn from the poor villages, in South East Asia. They aremanipulated and their rights infringed. There are no rights toworkers’ strikes or protests for their grievances.

The US isundoubtedly the best country to settle in. It is the factors belowthat makes the “American Dream” possible:

  • High overall standards of living

  • Unrestricted access to global information,

  • Wide ethnic diversity

  • Freedom of media and press

  • Freedom of expression

  • Freedom of speech

  • Freedom of religion

  • Abundance of land natural resources

  • . Ability to afford most entertainment and recreational activities.

  • Comfortable and affordable housing and transportation


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