Life Balance

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Theword balance is the concept in which two or more different thingsweighs against each other. When used about life it refers to thebalance people have following their priorities to different areassuch as career, relationships and own personal life.

Waysin which these life Balance Definitions are Similar

Iagree with the students that the three different types of definitionsare similar in the first aspect where they evaluate happiness orquality of life. The first approach, the fitness of personal life tothe preconception of what is expected from personal life revolvesaround happiness because once an individual achieves the desiredstate definitely will be happy. The second approach, assessing thelife of balanced people also is a true reflection of satisfactionthat is much contributed to happiness and this evident in allaspects. The third approach, by assessing which lifestyle mixes mosthappiness and this is having the positive approach that life is goodand also to the reference of four qualities of life(Shanafelt, Boone, Tan, Dyrbye, Sotile, Satele, &amp Oreskovich,2012).


Thethree approaches differ from each other by seconding the student’scomments. This is because they have the different balance of theassessment. The first approach focuses on one’s personal life whichsubjective(Lewis, Gambles &amp Rapoport, 2007).The second approach is the reference to another person living abalanced life that is subjective and the third approach, by assessingdifferent lifestyle to live a balanced life is both objective andsubjective.

Advantagesand Disadvantages

Theadvantages of the first definition is that by assessing how well anindividual fits a certain preconception, enables one to have anunderstanding of oneself better. The advantage of the second approachis that by assessing the life of balanced people enables theindividuals to compare themselves with other people. The thirdapproach advantage is that assessing different lifestyle gives avariety of ideas of how a balanced life should be. The disadvantageof the first definition is the conflict caused by preconceptionsbecause they vary from person to person. The disadvantage of thesecond approach is that people do not understand the reason to viewabout life balance. The disadvantage of the third approach is that byassessing lifestyle, mixes is that one can realize the mistakes doneand affect their attitude negatively.


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