Lessons learned from the class

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Lessonslearned from the class

Everyclass that is offered by the institution is designed to achievecertain goals, most of which include enlightening learners about somekey concepts that they may not learn elsewhere. However, differentstudents learn different lessons depending what they wish to achieveat the end of the college life. The class was quite informing, andthere are major lessons that I got.

First,I learned that respecting customers and meeting their expectations isamong the key determinants of their loyalty. This is becausecustomers decide to make their purchase from the same vendor if thatvendor manages to offer services that address their specific needs.Failure to meet the expectations of clients forces clients to thinkof other alternatives that can give them better services. One way ofdetermining whether a vendor value clients is assessing how thatvendor resolves some of the minor details or problems raised byclients. For example, being frustrated in a hotel by the attendantsand the lack of proper communication between the client and hotelemployees can disappoint the clients, who may then decide to look foran alternative hotel next time. Hotel attendants may frustrate theclient by failing to give them prompt responses.

Secondly,I learned that customers’ responses or the feedback that they giveabout the organization are critical because it impacts the image ofthe company. The technological advancement has given consumers aplatform to air their views and comments about their experiences withdifferent products or services offered by an organization and askquestions from the companies. Reviews that are provided online can beaccessed by anyone from any part of the world, which means that it ismuch easier for an organization to receive a negative publicity fromcustomer reviews. Therefore, it is advisable that an effectivemanagement to make prompt responses to clients’ responses afterresearch on whether the clients’ claims are true and the solutionoffered by the management address those claims. After responding tocustomers’ complaints, the management should take the necessaryactions to enhance the quality of services to avoid futurecomplaints.

Thethird lesson learned from the class is that the specificcharacteristics of a manager can affect the performance of a hotel ina significant way. The personality traits of individual managersdetermine the type of management style that a manager adopts. Forexample, a manager who likes micromanaging the junior members ofstaff end up stifling their efforts and limiting their capacity towork effectively. On the contrary, managers who empower their juniorsby giving the opportunity to make decisions makes their work easiersince their juniors gained adequate skills to work with minimumsupervision. In addition, managers who have the tendency to listen totheir juniors, treat them fairly, and give them credit for anyoutstanding performance motivates them by creating a perspective thatthese junior are valued and their presence as well as thecontribution to the organization is acknowledged.

Theclass motivated me to pursue a career in hotel management. Aftergetting a job I will be able to avoid micromanaging the staff undermy supervision, courtesy of this class. This implies that I will beable to empower my juniors by allowing them to make decisions.

Inconclusion, the class was informative and equipped me with importantknowledge that will help me in my future career. The three lessonslearned from the class include the significance of respectingclients, customer response, and the impact of the characteristics ofindividual managers.

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