Lessons from failure

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Lessonsfrom failure

Lessonsfrom failure

Onetime in my life when I encountered failure was during the eleventhgrade color guard competition. With every attempt of trying out newskills to win the competition, I failed miserably. This is what makesme remember clearly and vividly how failure can crash anyone’sspirit and eventually cause one to lose morale. It is just likestudying hard to achieve successes in studies only to fail in theend. However it is important to note that most people are blocked bytheir egos when it comes to admitting mistakes and trying to fixthem. I realized that I was trying to do anything to save my facewhen failure struck especially during these competitions. Therefore Ihad to block my defense mechanisms from taking control and instead Itried to fix my failures the best way I could.

Typicallywhen a young child tries new things like walking for the first time,such a child falls many times. The parent usually supports such achild through encouraging words like “You will do better next time”or “Don’t worry you will get better with practice”. Usuallywhen I failed it felt more than I had lost a battle and sometimes Ifelt angry just as a kid who was probably trying to learn how towalk. It is important to understand that failure does not mean thatone is not good enough. I knew that it is through persistence andpractice that I would be able to win the competition. The school’scolor guard competition is a platform where students try learning newskills and they compete. However I was discouraged as I was not asgood as everyone else no matter how much I tried and hoped to win. Myteammate and I always failed to catch the flag with every skill thatwe strived to learn.

Inorder to win, we had to develop an effective strategy that wouldguarantee that. It is then that I knew that it was important to comeup with a strong teamwork. In sports, businesses and even our homespeople typically achieve great things when there is teamwork. Inorder to employ effective skills in the school’s color guard andeventually succeed, I knew it was important to form a strong teamwith my friend. Team work is the most important strategy that isemployed by many businesses and sportspeople in order to achievesuccess. In this regard we learnt about each other’s weaknesses andstrengths and built on that.

Moreimportantly it was due to regular and dedicated practice that my teamwas able to succeed. Teamwork goes hand in hand with regular andcommitted practice. Practice bridges the gap between anyone’s goaland their personal weaknesses. However without committed practice,one’s goals can only remain to be elusive. Teamwork and regularpractice ensures that the team member’s skills are built and madestronger. Both ensure that skills are defined through great scalesthat eventually make the goals to not only be good but great.Together with my teammate we were able to successfully build on eachother’s strengths and weaknesses and achieved our goal to becomethe top. Although success might seem to look difficult to achieve,one can successfully employ effective teamwork and regular practiceto achieve it easily.

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