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Taking over the economy of Cuba and Puerto Rica

The war between America and Spain set the tone for acquisition ofCuban and the Puerto Rican economies by the US. Americans believedthat the island of Puerto Rica and Cuba belonged to them and theytherefore went into war with Spain to drive them out of what theybelieved was rightfully theirs. America wanted to protect the rightsof the Cubans and those of the Puerto Ricans. It is worth noting thatAmerica used its military might and its imperial foreign policy toacquire the economies of Cuba and Puerto Rica (DHTVlive 1). TheCubans and the Puerto Ricans welcomed the US intervention to guardthem against the Spanish invasion. After defeating the military weakSpanish, the US government established military governments in Cubaand Puerto Rica to keep guard of the land. It is definitely clearthat the governments, which were composed of US military leaders, hadthe control of the economies. The invasion of the Spanish was led byPresident McKinley (DHTVlive 1). The Treaty of Paris ensured that thelast Spanish soldiers had left Puerto Rica and that American flagswere raised in the country. One aspect which comes out clearly is theimperial foreign policy of the United States which allowed it toinvade other countries and assume leadership. The US developed routesbetween Cuba and the United States for the purposes of Trade. Inother words, the US took over the economy of Cuba literally.

How Latinos became part of America social fabric

The documentary has presented numerous news footage and interviewsfrom Americans and Latinos residing in America after migrating fromtheir countries. It is abundantly clear from the documentary that theAmerican foreign policy and its military interference in Latincountries led the people in those countries to migrate to the USwhere they were looking for peace and prosperity. American militaryinterventions in countries such as Cuba and Puerto Rica lead toturmoil and this made millions of people in those Latin countries tomigrate to the US. It is worth noting that some of the people wereexiled into the US as a result of the turmoil in those countries(Harvest of Empire 1). The documentary presents the migration crisisin America today as a making of the American government. It is clearthat America meddles in the affairs of other countries through itsimperial foreign policy. In most of the Latin countries where Americainvaded, there was political and economic instability leading topoverty amongst the citizens. This is the main reason why thecitizens migrate to America for prosperity (Harvest of Empire 1).

One lesson that I have learnt about the presence of the Latinos isthat it was not their making to migrate to the United States. It isclear from the documentary that the Latinos were fleeing poverty andturmoil in their countries. The Latinos should be accepted andincorporated into the American social fabric since the actions ofAmerican government in their countries led to their fate. It is worthnoting that some of the Latinos in America were actually exiled fromtheir countries. The presence of the Latinos in the United Statesshould be respected. The Latinos must be accorded their space sincethe problems they run away from in their countries are a making ofthe American government and foreign policy.

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