Leadership Styles

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Myleadership style, based on the interactive graphic, is the autocraticstyle of leadership. This is a style where the power to makedecisions is on the hands of managers and other prominent persons inthe organization. The influence in this leadership style comes fromthe bosses latter than from individual himself/herself (Iqbal, 2011).

Thisleadership style has numerous strengths that can either favor themanagement or the people they lead. To start with, this style worksbetter when there seems to be a crisis in an organization. Duringsuch a period, this style is not questionable. Secondly, the stylealso works better if the subordinates are unsure of the activity theyare doing and, therefore, rely on the order from their bosses. Thestyle also works better where the followers are fond of following theorders. Lastly, it’s efficient in managing and running a business.The owner of the business should give an order on how he wants thework done (Exantus, 2012).

Despitethese strengths, the style has some weaknesses. To start with, thestyle relies on the use of autocrats instead of coaches who coachpeople in an organization on the best thing to do. The style alsodemoralizes most workers with talents in specified field as they arenot given them to explore their skills. With time, the followers ofthis style become passive and aggressive. Lastly, there may arise twogroups in the organization, the one opposing and other proposing.

Toaddress these weaknesses, I will give the workers of my organizationtime and space to put their suggestions forward, but thedecision-making will depend on the managers. Since the style has thestrength of working better where the followers are uncertain, I willmaximize the orders during such situations.


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