Leadership and Management

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Leadershipand Management

Differencesbetween the concepts of leadership and management

Accordingto Ercetin, 2012, the difference in the concepts is

Management concepts

Leadership concepts

Their main aim is on the needs of the people an organization is dealing with.

Their needs are more personal, and their goals are private.

They seek to address the conflicts that arise between members and units.

They are used as an opportunity for personal development for most of them.

They restrict the routine work of the managers to their working area.

They make the leaders believe that chaos and confusion is the norm when humans interact and relate.

They encourage managers to make use of the existing resources.

They encourage leaders to use their creative powers to create and find new resources.

They encourage managers to limit their communication.

The concepts encourage leaders to be versatile to communication to understand better their followers.

They encourage managers to avoid risks

Leaders should take risks to achieve their intended goals.

Encourage managers to monitor the progress of events and results.

The meaning of all events and situations of their followers are much importance.

Overlapbetween management and leadership concepts

Thetwo concepts though they are very different from one another, theyoverlap in some fields. For instance, they overlap in the part ofdirecting where both concepts aim to direct the activity of others.The management concept emphasizes on an organization and itsperformance on the activities that are aimed at increasing theefficiency of the activities. On the same function, leaders go anextra mile to inspire their followers through their vision andeffectiveness.

Overlapbetween management and leadership goals

Thetwo goals overlap in the goal of talent management. The leaders andmanagers work hard to develop their positions by ensuring that theyperform to expectation. They develop benchmark strategies that enablethem identify the weaknesses of their competitors and maximize onthem so that they will outdo them when it comes to performance.

Theyalso overlap in collaboration. Both leaders can combine forces wherenecessary to attain a given objective. This combination enables themto develop new ideas that can help each of them attain the intendedgoal. The relationship between the manager and the leader will beimproved.

Influenceto the nurse in the overlap of the goals

Asa nurse, the overlap is essential as it can expand my influence tobring the required change. Nurses are multifunctional. They possessboth attributes of a leader and a manager. A goal like collaborationis essential for a nurse because a nurse is expected to do what isright of him/her at the right time. There’s a challenge for thenurse, therefore, to try as much as possible to do the right thingand that right thing should be done in the right way. The healthprofession is not static as it keeps developing and advancing everytime. This continuous change makes the leader nurses develop the upto date skills so that their duties can be performed effectively andefficiently. The collaboration will make them think critically, andalso have the necessary coping skills that will help the deliver intheir profession (Yoder-Wise, 2014). Similarly, the listening skillsof the nurse will be boosted, and a positive impact will be felt inthe nursing when delivering the services. Therefore, the overlap willhelp the nurse to assume both roles and deliver the services fromboth perspectives to increase the efficiency.


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