Leaders` role in reengineering of health care

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Leaders’role in reengineering of health care

Sincethe onset of the 21stcentury, the need to provide high quality healthcare programs hasremained a key area of focus to all stakeholders across the globe.With this is in mind, re-engineering in healthcare has becomecritical as this is the main way in which service delivery inhealthcare can be attained both in the short and the long-run.However, successful re-engineering process cannot be attained withoutthe guidance of the leaders or nurse managers, as they act as agentsof change (Wood,2012).The section below will look at the roles played by this group ofleaders in the re-engineering of healthcare.

Thefirst and the most important roles carried out by the leaders is tosensitize other nurses and hospital staffs on the advantages accruedfrom the re-engineering process. For instance, during this process,the need to ensure efficiency in the usage of hospital facilities iscrucial. This may involve reducing wastages at the departmentallevel, a factor which may lead to conflicts with some of the nursesand staffs (Wood,2012). To avert this, nurse managers and leaders should involve all thestaffs in the re-engineering process, thus attaining the expectedoutput. The other way nurse managers and leaders can help is tofinancially support the process. This is based on the premise thatthe re-engineering process is expensive such as the acquisition ofsoftware for efficient management of staffs, re-designing thefunctions of the administrators as well as re-aligning overlappingdepartments. Nurse managers should also conduct civic education asthis is also key in ensuring successful implementation of there-engineering process.

Inconclusion, there is the need for the leaders and nurse managers tobe more proactive in the re-engineering process as its key inimproving the delivery of healthcare across the globe.


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