Last Call At The Oasis

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The documentary “LastCall at the Oasis” provides acompelling reason why every person on earth should take a moment ofthinking about the environment and water supply. The documentaryprovides not only an insight about water supply, but also revealingfacts about the extent to which the environment is being deterioratedby human activity. In what seems to focus on the effect of humans onthe environment, the documentary reveals the activities that have ledto the destruction of the very earth that sustains life on earth.More importantly, the documentary gives facts that prove the reasonswhy countries should join efforts in caring for the environment.According to the documentary the destructive agents include asbestos,dioxins Hexavalent Chromium among others (Yu1).

In the documentary, expert Erin Brockovichexplains that one of the reasons why human beings are destroying theearth systems is because of taking things for granted. This concursby the arguments by experts who explain that the persistence ofenvironmental degradation is more about lack of care than lack ofknowledge (Budzianowski289). This documentary successfully provides the insight for allpeople who watch it to change their perspective. This is particularlyimportant for the industries, who contribute a large amount ofenvironmental pollution through their industrial activities.

As expert JayFamiglietti warns in the documentary,the effects of global warming and human activity in the world willhappen. Jay Famiglietti statesthat it is not about if the consequences will happen, but it is aboutwhen it will happen (Yu 1). Inaddition, the case of water crisis in Las Vegas shows a situation ofdesperation to get clean water from a world that is rapidlydestroying sources of clean water. In this regard, we need to thinkagain about the consequences of our activities on the environment.This way, we will create a conscious society that not only considersenvironmental conservation, but also its preservation for the futuregeneration.

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