Large Hadron Collider

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Particle physics involves the complex, intricate reactions involvedin the formation of antimatter. Antiparticles have the sameproperties as ordinary particles apart from the negative charge.Various scientists have examined the possibility of combining allforces to achieve a consolidated outlook. Albert Einstein famouslyfailed to find a connection between gravity and electricity. However,other scientists have since succeeded in discovering connectionsbetween forces of different nature. For example, James Maxwellcreated a link between magnetism and electricity (Lincoln, 2009).

In recent decades, other major discoveries have been made in thefield of particle physics. This has been in no small part to thelarge hadron collider. The mega-facility in Geneva has been acclaimedas the most powerful collider in the world. It is quite comfortablythe biggest and most sophisticated facility. The machine required theinput of thousands of experts, scientists, scholars, and engineersfor successful completion. Expatriates from different regions tookover ten years to complete the facility (Fernandes, 2014). Thecollider has sought a better understanding of the forces controllingthe universe.

As discussed, some astounding discoveries have been made courtesy ofthe large hadron collider. For example, weak and electromagneticforces portray the same characteristics when subjected to hightemperatures. Higher levels of energy cause the particles to displaysimilar design and structure. Scientists are using the large hadroncollider to investigate the unification of weak, strong andelectromagnetic forces. Formulating such a grand unified theory (GUT)would render all interactions as part of a spectrum (Lincoln, 2009).This would also indicate the presence of an unknown particle thatcauses proton decay. The GUT would lay the groundwork for theestablishment of a grand unification epoch. Furthermore,incorporating the force of gravity would finally create the theory ofeverything (Hawking &amp Mlodinow, 2011).


Particle physics has presented various insights into the working ofthe universe. The study of matter and antimatter has explored thepossibilities of unifying universal forces. The large hadron colliderwas erected in Geneva to investigate the possibilities in particlephysics (Fernandes, 2014). The GUT has brought hope that the theoryof everything may eventually come to fruition.


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