Lacombe and Mr. Klein Question 1

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Lacombeand Mr. Klein

Question 1

LucienLacombe joins the collaborating Frenchmen after he was turned downfrom joining the resistance due to his young age. He was a 17 yearsold country boy who had devoted to fight for his nation by joiningthe resisting army (Malle).

Afterrejection the collaborators, by chance, arrested Lacombe.Subsequently, he denounced his teacher at the headquarters. The actmade the associates admire him and his character. Therefore, he wasgiven a lot of power in the administration (Malle).

Question 2

Collaboratorswere excluded from extortion and terror. Second, they were permittedto live in the land while resistors were deported or detained. Theycould live in well-furnished houses as compared to their fellowresistors (Malle).

Foryoung lads like Lacombe, they were allowed to carry guns and had alot of money. There was no need to involve in shoddy work such ascleaning the hospital as Lacombe used to do before collaboration(Malle).

Question 3

Inthe beginning, the film depicts Mr. Klein negotiating prices forpieces of art with a Jewish seller. It depicts a Jew who is in direneed to sell his commodity as a way of raising money quickly. Mr.Klein seems to be quite aware of the predicament with the Jew and heintentionally lowballs the man’s price (Losey).

Onhis way out, the man indicates his awareness of the fact that Mr.Klein is taking advantage. On the other hand, Mr. Klein retorts,“Sometimes, I don’t even want to buy.” The scene is animportant part of the film to indicate oppression. Mr Klein- an artdealer takes advantage of the Jews who are in dire need to raisemoney for survival or fleeing from the country (Losey).

Question 4

Mr.Klein is depicted as a sympathizer of the anti-Semitic character.However, he is a moral opportunist that takes advantage of thedesperate need for the Jews to raise money for survival or to vacateFrance (Losey).

Specifically,he takes advantage of the Jewish predicament as a chance forself-enrichment. He exploits the Jews by buying their pieces of artat prices far below the market value. Consequently, he makes greatprofits (Losey).

Question 5

Thefundamental idea in Mr. Klein is the indifference of the French topersecute the Jews. It focuses on the deportation of Jews by theFrench during the German occupation. It explores the psychologicaland social foundations of the French acceptance to the mass executionof its citizens (Losey).

Mr.Klein, although a French man, Is depicted to live a perfect life inthe beginning. He has a beautiful house, a mistress, and fine-tunedfriends. Suddenly, he is is faced with an identity crisis thatoverturns his life. He undergoes psychological torture tosubstantiate his French heritage by tracking down his namesake. TheFrench police had delivered 30,000 files of Jews to the Nazis forarrest and deportation. Consequently, Mr Klein is caught on July 1942before solving his identity crisis and is shipped together with hisclients to Germany (Losey).


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