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RE:ApplicationRequest for King Abdul University Scholarship Program

Theadvancement in technology presents dynamic methods of managinginformation. However, developments in the field of informatics yieldnew and complex challenges. It sparks my desire to study informationtechnology. My motivation is also sourced from my vehement desire tomake a contribution and positively impact on developments in thisfield while generating ideas on how to overcome emerging challenges.

Myundergraduate studies that commenced on 2010 in Osmania University,using English as the medium, have been inspiring. The classes I havetaken in both theory and practice have shaped a firm underpinning formy career. Upon completion in 2013, I managed a first Division incomputer application amidst all the struggles I went throughfinancially. However, I decided to take some time away from schoolfor the last two years so that I can learn to apply the skills I hadlearned in undergraduate. Since then, I have worked on many contractsI have one-year experience in this field of study from differentinternships undertaken.

Ifeel that I am a suitable candidate for the Masters program ininformation technology under King Abdullah University scholarshipbecause I have surpassed the 6.0 International English LanguageTesting System (IELTS) score the institution requires to admitstudents (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, 2016).The place will offer dynamic opportunities for growth in my careerand provide avenues to hone my skills and knowledge. The Universitywill offer me a broader and practical understanding of all aspects ofinformation technology. It will provide me with a unique advantage inmy career pursuits.

Teachingto share knowledge and touch young people`s lives is my careerobjective. Upon completion, this goal will eventually be fulfilled.It will benefit students and society as a whole. Teaching will alsodistinguish me as a leader in this profession and empower me to makemany valuable contributions to the betterment of society. My studiesunder King Abdullah University Scholarship Program will pave a wayfor me to undertake my Doctors of Philosophy and land a lucrative jobto make Saudi Arabia a better place. I am looking forward to hearfrom you. Thank you in advance.


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