Jussie and Shindesi A Narrative Description

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When they look good with each other, most people think it ends there.The bond is complete as it shall be. However, they fool themselves aslater they will learn that some people outside there will do anythingto get at least a piece of the magnificent association. Even worse,some try to destroy what they cannot get so that all miss out or staywith undesired injuries.

It was six after morning, and the sun is shining ever brightly as ifit was noon already. The cave smelled different from the homesurroundings. A slight misty breeze blew on her chocolate brown skinof her beautiful face. Her golden suntan brought her smooth with highcheekbones and clean complexion. She could taste things she had nevereaten every time she experienced sunrise waiting for him. She stoodat the bottom of a hill looking up at the cliff waiting for Jussie,as usual, her matched prince according to everyone.

The creping sound that caused her legs to wobble was nonethelessextraordinary. Even in her sleep, she could sense Jussie`s presenceand walking style and even if he wanted to surprise her today, itwould not be anything of the sort. The sound then maintained acautious tempo causing her a cold sweat, her jaw to tighten, herstomach turned in a strange feel and her palms clammed as herthoughts tried to figure out a rescue plan. The rocks far below herhad no firm wall between her and the edge. She was terrified as sherealized that her sense of security was screaming absent.

Kranter had all along drooled over Shindesi the Liberian beauty. Hehad fantasized a million times with her on his heavy muscled chest,swaying her in the evenings and taking her as a bed in her sleep.Shindesi`s rejection arose his anger and thirst to destroy a piece ofher. He had learned about the Jussie and Shindesi spot. He wanted tostain Jussie`s pretty flower. In her fear, she could not move orturn, and Kranter was right behind her, ready to devour her.

The magic power of love and natural connection hastened Jussie`ssteps in such an accuracy to find Kranter forcefully liftingShindesi. Jussie claimed her love and swore by all the forces of theuniverse to never let her alone in their life after that.

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