Item For Rome Open City Question 1

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Item ForRome Open City

Question 1

The resistorsincluded characters like Giorgio Manfredi, Francesco, and Pina.First, they were against the occupation of Germany into their landthat denied Rome nationals off their freedom. Similar to other formsof colonialism, the nationals were subject to inhumane treatment suchas arbitrary execution and detainment. The brutal killing of Pinademonstrates the cold heartedness of the Germans.The nationalsresisted to regain their portion to participate in the running of thenation. (Michael).

Second,the resistance was against food rationing. The German had rationedthe food accessible by the Italians that caused starvation. Third,there was resistance against segregation where people were treateddifferently based on their race. Specifically, the Germans weretreated better compared to the Italians. They got access to betterhousing and were sheltered from discrimination(Michael).

Question 2

Withinthe context of the film, the phrase, “Oh, it`s not hard to diewell. It`s hard to live well” as said by Don Piedro symbolizeheroism. It means that a hero would rather die by the bullet thanlive a life without freedom. Don Piedro expresses the need for theItalian nationals to fight the Germans instead of living asslaves(Michael).

Thelife as a slave was hard since one was prone to various forms ofdiscrimination. The food was rationed and consequently, people werestarved, and others died of hunger(Michael). It is hard to live wellin the absence of freedom. Italian nationals were subject to dailystruggles in search of food due to German food rations. Besides, theylived in fear of detention as well as execution. The expressionserves as a call to the nationals to join in the resistance againstthe Germans(Michael).

Question 3

Thelast scene serves as a symbol of hope. The children walk towards Rometo symbolize that there is hope for a new beginning for Italy. First, the use of children indicates a foundation for a new era.Children indicate a future generation for the Italians(Michael).

Similarly,the talks between Francesco and Pina illustrated the anxieties withthe Italian nationals amidst significant uncertainties. The two wereplanning to marry bearing in mind that they were resistant’s whowere wanted by the Nazi’s. Consequently, although they lived ingreat fear, they had the hopes that one day they will have theirfreedom. The pregnancy with Pinna also depicts the great expectationsof the Italians (Michael).

Question 4

Thefirst relationship between Antonio and Bruno is the father and sonrelationship. As a son, Bruno loves his father and therefore, helikes accompanying him in his endeavors. Bruno is seen accompanyinghis dad to the pizza Vittorio market after the bicycle wasstolen(Peter).

Second,Bruno acts as his father’s assistant. He is seen chasing the thiefafter they spotted him at the PortaPortese market. Bruno appearsdismayed after the unfruitful chase on the thief indicating his levelof attachment to his father’s encounters. He is concerned about hisfather keeping his job and sacrifices to help him regain his bicycle.Besides, Bruno searches for a police officer with the hopes that hewould assist to search the thief’s house that resultsunfruitful(Peter).

Question 5

Thevarious institutions do not support Antonio instead, they show theirindifference to his case. First, after the bicycle is stolen, Antoniochases the thief fruitlessly. The police warn him that there islittle they can do. They only advise him to check the bicycle at thePiazza Vittorio market(Peter).

Similarly,after a further pursuit of the thief into the market, Bruno looks fora police officer. He asks the police officer to search the thief’sapartment that does not bear any fruits. After, this incident, Brunofeels disappointed due to the failure of the various institutions toprovide assistance. The church also fails to assist Antonio to grabthe thief. Upon chasing the thief, he enters into the church afterwhich he disrupts the service and ends up slipping away(Peter).


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