International Communication Case Study

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InternationalCommunication: Case Study

1. There are various communication errors that Samuel made. Firstly,Samuel appears to reason that the displeased employees, customers,and contractor are not always a problem for his extreme behavior.This is considered to be what he values most this is a differentcategory of error. The major mistake he made is reasoning that allpersons will react to his poor communication skills by working onwhat he required them to work. The appropriate description he can begiven is that he is inconsiderate and a male chauvinist. When hecalled Angelique, he never started with a greeting that is a keyskill in phone call conversation. Furthermore, there is listening andreading error this applies to people who are shortsighted (Rabøl,Andersen, starboard, Bjørn, Lilja &amp Mogensen, 2011). LuckilyMichael became gentle to him he reasons that the bonus is normallypaid for if the project deliverables do not meet the recent specs.This is an abnormal way of writing an agreement.

Samuelhas poor listening skills when he called Angelique he did not waitfor any reply from Angelique. He was also unable to readconversational signals, due to failure in talking to some of thestakeholders. That was a major challenge to both the subcontractorsand the client. Besides that, his emails were bouncing, but due tohis ignorance and arrogance, he did not consider checking the hiccup.At the same he ignored the calls from the client this is a seriouscommunication problem given that he was working for an internationalcompany, which its main objective is to satisfy the clients. Histhought about Ireland being different to Dallas, and he declined totalk to firms from Germany and Japan (Rabøl, et al., 2011).

Dueto his poor listening skills, he plays hard to be contacted by thesubcontractors and he is rigid to make some changes from customer’sfeedback. He individually makes a decision without any consultation,yet he is working for an international company. He yelled to hissecretary not to disturb him with emails and paperwork at the sametime shouting her. He disregarded the phone calls while declaringthat people should use an email to contact him. He was a gossiper anddemeans the staffs while they are away as well as he did not takeboss’s concern very seriously. He ordered his secretary to writefirm and short letter in reaction to concerns of Japan and making atarget to his project team about talking to the subcontractors andclients. Moreover, he demanded the customer to travel to Dallas inthat he did not want to communicate with her, and he thought he wouldcharm her.

2. The enormous project was for Thompson industries therefore, the VPshould deal with his team. This is because she does not have anyintention to explain to the boss why they were paying for. She shouldcall Michael and reveal again that she does not make a habit ofrepeating someone’s mistake. At the same time, she should reviewthe contract and find out what were other options (Maughan, Lei &ampCydulka, 2011). She must, at least, wait for some time to considerthe intentions of Samuel. She should not book the plane.

3. For Michael, it is understandable how the response could appear. Theclient wants to change everything she was told that she would becalled. The response was ‘those were clients, so it isrecommendable to negotiate with them for the goods they wanted at aprice that is appropriate for the company. It is strange that Samuelis preoccupied with the clause of bonus yet he does not want to usethe available opportunity to discuss greater charges on the board. Inthis case, Michael could confirm the behavior of Samuel, which he wasacknowledging at that time(Williams&amp Birkin, 2011). Michael can also add that if Angelique becomes upset about thatbehavior again, Samuel can be dismissed as the project manager. Hecan claim that he does not want unhappy clients. Michael should aswell explain the importance of customers such that the points ofSamuel do not make sense in the calculations of keeping the clients.

Pennyshould report the matter to the human resource manager if the CEO isnot around about the chauvinist comments that were uttered by Samuel.She should again report to the senior secretary of what was happeningin the company. On the same note, she should be worried about hercurrent job due to all the reports in this case, she should beapplying for another job. On the issue of her current assignment, sheshould screen all Samuel’s email until Michael notices some logicin Samuel, this should take place immediately. When sending the mail,penny should add CC Michael on the letter sent to Japan(Williams &amp Birkin, 2011).That is considered to be tricky and critical but she might lose herjob or she will end up in a pool of secretaries when her boss isdismissed or the image of the company crashes.

4. Theelements of good communication proposal for running internationalproject similar to this include answering phone calls. It isadvisable to influence the other use communication tools instead ofevading communication totally at the same time bouncing of email. TheJapanese company should use other tools, and the new spec documentsmust be familiar and simple(Kerzner, 2013).Secondly, identify the plan for reporting, database system andschedule up front. The system must be mainly web based that isorganized and simple to adapt and, therefore, can be retrieved by anystaff anytime.

Additionally,video conferences and schedule for the subcontractors should be keptregular with that of clients and plant. All these can be achievedwhile on separate schedules. This should be logically organized forall calls(Kek, Salter &amp Cravey, 2000).Furthermore, all feedbacks and concerns of the client and otherstakeholders must be dealt with immediate effect. Finally, theproject manager should talk to the staffs about their understandingof communication and what they would gain regarding feedback andconversations. The negotiation must be held up front. This can takeplace in a conference or a seminar where each one can be able to airhis opinion and figure about the views. This is because most peopledo not know to react when they are confronted with some circumstancesfor which lack skills and experience.


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