Internal and External Assessments for Strategic Planning

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Internaland External Assessments for Strategic Planning

Internaland External Assessments for Strategic Planning

MMH(Metro Mercy Hospital) is a private hospital on a downwards spiraldue to a wide range of challenges that have faced the organization.The management of is not sure whether they should stay independent,merge or get affiliated to other health facilities in order to reviveits performance. The new CEO has a responsibility of proposing aturnaround plan to the management. In establishing a turnaroundstrategic plan, evaluation of the internal and external environmentof the health care facility is an essential step. The assessment willbe essential in the determination of the best strategic approach thatwill guide the future of the organization. The most important stepsin the internal and external assessment include the identification ofinternal strengths and weaknesses as well as the externalopportunities and threats. Metro Mercy Hospital is a 200 bedfacility sponsored by the Catholic Church. The free standing hospitalis located in a located in a metropolitan area and offer general andundifferentiated health care services. The facility is located in avery dynamic community where the characteristics of the populationhave changed significantly (Zuckerman, 2008).

Inorder to develop an appropriate strategic plan, it is important toanalyze the external and internal environment in the hospitalfurther. Some of the essential information includes the ability ofthe facility workforce, medical equipments and technologies to dealwith emerging health care challenges. It is also important to look atthe opportunities and threats in the external environment. Thisincludes other similar facilities competing against the hospital, andthe opportunities for collaboration affiliation and merger. Forexample, another catholic sponsored health care facility in thelocality will be appropriate for affiliation or merger. A differentinternal environment, for example, if the facility was not sponsoredby the church, would change the elements of the case. This is becausethe internal environment of the hospital will be different.


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