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PoorAcademic Performance

A.My academic performance has not been satisfactory in the past since Ifell ill for three weeks. This is because I am an internationalstudent from China and this is the first time for me to stay in suchcold weather that is in Michigan. The cold weather resulted in megetting pneumonia which really affected me for the three weeks.

B.When I was sick for the three weeks, I talked to all my professors sothat I would make them aware of what was happening to me. I found itnecessary to inform them since during the three weeks when I wassick, the rest of the students were still continuing with theirstudies. I went an extra mile and emailed them since the emails canbe used as reference just in case some of them forgot who had toldthem of their illness.

C.When I was in high school, I had also contacted pneumonia and it wasreally bad. When I came to the USA my mother gave me some medicationbut the medicines did not work as fast as I expected since thepneumonia lasted for the three weeks. This was longer than I expectedsince I was under medication.

D.The reason for my bad grade was not my wish at all since when I feltbetter I went back to class. During this time I really tried catchingup with the rest of the students but I did not manage since they werefar ahead of me in all the units. I tried the best I could but it didnot work and hence my poor grade.


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