Innovation to Nursing

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Innovationto Nursing

Nursingas a profession requires one to be innovative to enhance the qualityof care given to patients. According to Rice, many of the smallinnovations made by nurses are often overshadowed by bigger expensivetechnologies (2015). During my internship in one of the big hospitalsin the United States, I came across a smart-phone app that was usedfor screening jaundice in newborns. According to Way (2009), jaundiceis a common condition caused by high levels of bilirubin in babiesduring the first few days after delivery. Doctors use their nakedeyes to check for the common symptom of jaundice, which is yellowingof the skin to decide whether to carry a blood test or not. TheSmartphone application known as Bilicam makes it easier for theparents and doctors to monitor newborns by measuring the levels ofbilirubin in their blood (Paddock, 2014).

Bilicamis easy to use. What is required of the parent or doctor is to placea calibration card (the size of a business card) on the naked chestof the baby and take a flash-photo using the Smartphone. Thecalibration card describes the differences in lighting conditions andskin color and the Bilicam sends the interpreted data from the phototo the cloud through a data connection offered through the Smartphone(paddock, 2014). The cloud evaluates the data and within a short timeprovides accurate levels of bilirubin in the body. Besides beingaccurate, Bilicam is cost-efficient and non-invasive unlike the usualblood test used in confirming Jaundice in newborns. To conclude, itis important to point out that the adoption of the Smartphone appwill not only make nurses’ work easier when testing for jaundice,but will also result in improved quality of care given to newbornssuffering from this condition.


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