Individual reflection

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The case analysis, presentation and the question and answer sessionspresented an opportunity to me to showcase by strengths, abilitiesand capabilities. It is worth mentioning that the team comprised offive members and I was elected as the leader of team. The successthat the team recorded in the case analysis presentation was atestament of my excellent leadership skills. During the caseanalysis, my leadership skills were demonstrated when solved variousproblems that faced the group such as conflicts between team members.Additionally, there was a time during the case analysis that my teamhad insufficient materials and I stepped forward and provided asolution which involved extensive research on the web. I ensured thatI assigned specific duties to every member to ensure that theanalysis was done effectively. Effective delegation of duties is anintegral element of any leader. I learnt that I am an excellent teamleader. Additionally, I learnt that I have the ability to reconcilepeople whenever they disagree as it was demonstrated during the caseanalysis.

Another strength that I learnt about myself during the exercise wasmy ability to manage time well and to observe strict and shortdeadlines. The case analysis was conducted within a short time, butthe results were great. As the team leader, I was held responsible toensure that the case presentation was done on time. It was alsoevident that I have the ability to work in a team and fit into theteam dynamics. Through the case analysis, I also learnt that I haveexcellent problem solving skills. This was demonstrated during thecase analysis and presentation when I addressed various challengespromptly. Another aspect that I learnt about myself from the exerciseis that I cannot put up with lazy people or people who cannot observedeadlines. I always confronted team members whenever they failed todeliver on time. Dealing with members who were lazy was a challengefor me. This was even more difficult when the members repeated thesame mistake.

The analysis of the case and its presentation before expert judgeswas not an easy task and it required extensive research both theinternet and course materials. This case analysis demonstrated myability to carry out extensive research from course materials and theinternet. I was also able to effectively consolidate the materialstogether and come up with an excellent case analysis. During thepresentation before the expert judges, I learnt that I possessexcellent oratory abilities as it was said by one of the judges. Icoordinated the team members well during the presentation and thisdemonstrated the strengths that I have in managing teams.

Another strength that I learnt about myself was the ability toanswer questions during the question and answer session. This wasconnected to my ability to memorize ideas from the case analysis.Although the entire exercise was challenging, it is worth statingthat it was a learning opportunity. Another challenge that I learnduring the exercise is assuming roles and characters during thesimulation. I believe I am myself and assuming another role orcharacter can be a huge challenge. I also learnt that I have theability to respect the decisions of my seniors and or supervisors.This was demonstrated through the obedience that I accorded to theexpert judges and adhered to their decisions.

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