Incidents in the Life of Slave Girl

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Incidentsin the Life of Slave Girl

Despitethe general view of the slaves, the slave girl has a worse experiencecompared to the slave boys. They both undergo similar treatmentregarding working hard in plantations and for long hours, they allparticipate in taking the will of the master ahead of their wills,and they also share in getting a little food. However, the sameexperiences inflict many pains according to the genders. The essaywill discuss the reasons as to why a girl slave led a worse lifecompared to the boy slave.

Consideringthat the feminine gender is weaker compared to the masculine gender,the slave girl would be more physically abused. The work that theywere made to do was similar to those of the slave boys. The work inthe plantation was tiresome to all, but they had to complete the sameamount of task. Doing the same amount of work was a pressure to thegirl slave than the boy slave. They were punished in case they didnot reach the target.

Thesacred role of a woman was to be a mother both to the whites and tothe blacks. However, to the whites, when a slave had a child then itwas increased labour force. Therefore, the slave girl had to bear achild at an early age and as soon as they proved of theirproductivity the routine would proceed after every two and halfyears. Therefore, whether the slave girl had a husband or not shewould be subjected to sexual harassment so as to produce more labourforce for the matter. Giving birth was not a personal choice. Theslave girl had no power over their body but was a tool that would putthe will of the master ahead of hers.

Onhaving a child, they would immediately get back to work. They did nothave time to mother their children. They left the children to bemothered by others who were employed to take over the task. They weredenied the privilege of giving their children the mother`s love andalso care. In some instances, their children were mismanaged, andthey watched them die. Some children who grew in the hands of thecaretakers did not know their actual parents.

Whenthe children grew, they were assimilated to slavery. The slave girlswho had now become mothers at an early age watched their childrenbeing tortured and they would not help. For the girls who were bornthere, the parents watched them being sexually harassed and they hadno power to help. The incidences were severely traumatizing and aspainful as their physical assault. They also watched the whitemasters NIL their husbands in the presence of their children. Thegirl slave would also be assaulted in the presence of her childrenand watch helplessly without a say. The children who would becomerebellious would be killed in the presence of the parents. The girlslave had to bare the pain of their children. Sometimes they werepunished for the mistakes of their children as they were accused ofnot teaching them how to serve their masters.

Asthe men tried to run away from the slavery, the girl slave had toremain behind because of the children. Since they had a bond of bloodwith their children, they would not leave them behind and run away.That way, they were bound to remain enslaved without the attempts ofsneaking out of the plantations. Sneaking out would meancompromising the family that they were intended to stay with. In asmuch as the masters would not sell the women for the sake ofproduction, they also did not have the intention of leaving the farmsso that they remain bonded to the family.

Theslave girls also experience their children and husbands as they weresold to other masters. They would be separated from the families whenthe masters opted to sell some slaves to other masters. That way,there were few chances of reuniting with them ever again. Theyremained with the fears that their children would be treated worsethan the original place. They would be psychologically tortured asthey feared for their sold family members.

Inconclusion, the slave girls experienced a worse life compared to theboys. Their nature of weakness and a constant bond with theirchildren made them vulnerable to psychological torture. They werealso made sex slaves as they had to produce children to increase thelabour force to their masters. Their loyalty remained constant forthe sake of their children. They would not run away leaving theirchildren behind. They also endured the pain of their children whowere assaulted as they watched. They would also bare the pain oflosing the children who were tortured to death. The children wouldalso be mishandled at a young age as they were left under the care ofothers as their mothers left the farm works.

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