Importance of whites` appreciation of Blacks

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Importance of whites` appreciation ofBlacks Value for Nature

Multiracial Appreciation of Nature

Different racial and ethnic groups appreciated nature differently.The blacks have high value for the land. It was the reminder of theirpast that had been surrounded by slavery. Therefore, when the whitesappreciated their value for the earth, they helped them forget thepainful past they had passed through in history. During the slaveryperiod, the blacks were poorly treated. They were sexually assaulted,physically mishandled and they were made to work for long hours onthe plantations. The experiences had demoralized them and theirculture. However, it had stimulated their love for the land and thefarms. Therefore, when the whites appreciate the fact that the blackshave high value for the land, then the blacks will forget theirpainful history and vengeance against the whites.

The appreciation will also reduce the level of racism. Associatingthe blacks with the land and nature stimulates the prior treatmentagainst them and hence they are looked down upon like in history.Since they still live on the plantations and love agriculture, theycan easily be treated like poor people as it draws back the oldpictures when they were mere slaves. Thereof when the whitesappreciate their value for nature, they will stop associating themwith slavery and hence treat them prestigiously and equal to thewhites.

When the whites recognize the blacks’ value for the land, therewill be global agriculture by all races. Since the southerners whostick to agriculture are majorly blacks, the whites will also adoptthe culture and there will be plenty agricultural production from thewhites and the people of color in America. The universal adoption ofagriculture will lead to increased production, hence boost theeconomy of the States.


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