Immigration into the United States

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Immigrationinto the United States

Immigrationinto the United States

Movementof people in the United States has numerous economic, social,political and security implication. There has been a political battleon whether the United States should block people from entering thecountry. The debate has been fueled by the increased number ofindividuals who are entering the United States illegally withoutsecurity clearance. This has raised concerns due to increased risk ofinternational terrorism, drug trafficking as well as social andeconomic impacts (Streissguth, 2012). This paper argues that theUnited States should not block people from coming into the UnitedStates if they do not pose security threat to the country.

Bothlegal and illegal immigrants have a positive contribution to theUnited States. Therefore, the government should be concerned withcriminals entering the country rather than law abiding individualsdesiring to move into the United States. For example, the UnitedStates should not be concerned about a trespasser who moves into theUnited States to seek manual job, while allowing white collarcriminals to freely enter the country. The trespasser does not poseany threat to the country while high profiled criminals are a threatto national security (Colton-Sonnenberg, 2008, Streissguth, 2012).People moving into the United States are unsatisfied with what theircountry is offering. Thus, they bring their skills to the UnitedStates, contributing to social and economic development.Additionally, if the United States stops blocking people fromentering the country, it will improve the image of American in theinternational scene (Mary, 2014).

Immigrationis one of the most debated legal and political issues in the UnitedStates. The United States should stop blocking people from enteringthe country if they are not a safety liability. This is due to thepositive contribution of immigrants in the country.


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