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Function of yeast in bread

In the application of scientific principles in cooking and recipepreparation I have chosen to talk about yeast in bread and itsscientific importance in making of dough and baking. Not most peopleknow that yeast is a living organism that consist of a celled fungusalso known as a leavening agent. Yeast is used in fermentation, whichis a process where glucose if converted to water, ethyl alcohol andcarbon dioxide.

The process of fermentation takes place at temperatures of between 94degrees to 110 degree as yeast being a living organism die at hightemperatures of 140 degrees. There are many types of yeast: theregular dry active yeast and the instant yeast commonly known asfast-rising. In cooking yeast is used to raise flour using the carbondioxide gas produced during the fermentation. Yeast also help incooking bread by adding a flavor to the bread. There are otherimportance of yeast besides fermentation such as hydration, thewater produced during fermentation hydrates the dough keeping it wetand smooth to enable rolling. Yeast also develops gluten, which isprotein in nature. It also that helps in the process ofgelatinization.

Yeast is maintain by other additives, these include salt, sugar andfat. Salt in the dough controls theyeast growth and help intensifythe brown color. The sugar added to the dough also provides nutrientsfor the yeast, provides a shorter texture, maintains the brown doughcolor, retains the moisture within the dough and also activates theyeast. Fats also helps in shortening gluten

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