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It is clear that the strategy that has for future growthis indeed complete and can be a platform for its success in thefuture. However, there is need to implement all the strengths intotality in order to realize full growth. The strengths that thecompany has are strong and can be essential in dealing with thecompetitors. Sales are core in any business and the hiring ofexperienced sales managers will ensure that the future of is bright. Branding of the product as healthy and using celebrities,as well as the media to advertise the product will work towardscreating a platform for future growth. Social responsibility will becritical for the growth of the company since a good brand nametranslates into sales hence profits (Visser &amp Institute forCorporate Culture Affairs, 2014). The completeness of the futurestrategy for growth will depend on the strengths and opportunitiesthat the company has. Additionally, the strategy will only becomplete if the company has ways of dealing with the threats andweaknesses.

must take advantage of the fact that tea is the mostcommon beverage across the world and also that it is taking root inAmerica. Additionally, the company has the responsibility of ensuringthat it exploits the ready to drink market in the USA to sell itsproduct. It is clear from the SWOT analysis of the company that thecompany has numerous outlets through the supermarkets and it mustutilize this advantage over its competitors to sell its brand.

In order for the future strategy for growth to be complete, there isimmense need to deal with threats and weaknesses. To start with, itis clear that the company does not have the financial might over itscompetitors. It is essential to rely on cheap marketing strategiessuch as the social media and maintain a quality brand. It is alsovital to have a team that can address any health concern with theirproduct.


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