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TheSpanish-Aztec was one of the most tactical colonization of theMexican people. The Muslim had ruled the Iberian Peninsula since711.The war took around six years to be complete. The IndianChronicles tell about the entrance of Motolino in the rituals. Theprocess of how it worked out and also the challenges has left a lotto be specific. Cortés landed on the coast on good Friday, and theysurrendered the next day. It was not something expected but, all inall, it was a battle that they realized they would not win[ CITATION Dan11 l 1033 ].

Theearlier they would have tried to analyze the of the chances of theaction are slim the easier for them to find peace. One of theevidence of the Indians in Mexico is their plan for the future andtheir use of poems. The Toltec’s settled in a town called Tulafifty kilometers from the city of Mexico as this was the start of theMayan religion and traditions. These are the people who were keen tofurther their agenda to success .

Tulawas finally abandoned this was because there was fresh violence everytime and this made it difficult for people to live in. Quezacolti ranaway promising that one day he will be back and that this was just astrategic movement rather than a cowardice move. Later in thethirteenth-century cities rose and became powerhouses one of them wasCuliacan, which many would adore. The other state was Azoapalctowhich from there came the University of Mexico. Most of the peoplehere were hunters and nomads and were the last people to venture inthe valley of Mexico[ CITATION Est14 l 1033 ].

Azteccapital began in a very humble manner. Other tribes were not focusedin living in a low-lying island, so they decided to ignore, and thisleft the minority’s tribe the chance to build their town fromscratch. During that period, Portuguese reached the island, and therewas enough confrontation that would have derailed the whole progressof Aztec capital. One of the challenges was language barrier from thedifferent origins they had come from. At the time of the conquest,there was no leader and this mad thing more complicated thanbefore.The population of Aztec was close to quarter a million, andthis was a very large number during those days.The Spaniards did notunderstand what they wanted and that was the reason they had to getin through the eastern side thinking they would have reduced thechallenges they faced ([ CITATION Uni091 l 1033 ]

Thechallenges of religion could not have been swept under the carpet asthe Impact of Rome trying to further the Christianity agenda to theworld was kept alive. The valley of Mexico became a battling zone forthe two religions. It is through this that Aztec became a terribleplace with a lot of people with different beliefs and intention.Human sacrifices were conducted in the valley of Mexico and religiontried to curb that by discouraging and also warning people that itwas wrong and should be stopped. The best thing is when they got aleader a lot of reforms were done from the judicial system to thesecurity apparatus was also amended for the sake of the people. Hepreferred to be the power behind the throne claiming he was takingthe people to the true destiny[ CITATION Den12 l 1033 ].


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