Hip-hop and Rap Public Enemy`s “Fight the Power.”

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Hip-hopand Rap: PublicEnemy`s “Fight the Power.”

Therehas been a natural partnership between music and politics throughouthistory. Fightthe power byPublic Enemy is not an exception. This piece of music is full ofmeaningful lyrics and pulsating rhythms that assisted in paving theway a period when the mainstream hip-hop was pervaded by radicalblack politics. In the Classical and Mozart period, the musical scenereflected most of the changes that were taking place in the society.Fightthe powercontributed to the politics in music movement as most of its messagewas devoted to topics like civil rights, racism, as well as HIV/AIDShence the piece acted as a means for social transformation.

2.Elements of Hip-hop

Hip-hopis made up of five elements namely graffiti, MCing, Bboying, Djing,and finally Knowledge. Graffiti is a large intricate calligraphycharacterized by shadings and color effects and they act as a markersignature for history, nicknames, crew, or a gang. MCing also knownas rapping involves the art of expressing rhymes to match with themusic beats. Break dancing can be described as the act of expressingoneself through body movements and dance. Break dancing may includegymnastic styles, head spins, and backspins. Djing involvesproduction of a high frequency scratching and cutting sound, as wellas selection of songs or records in a captivating thematicprogression. The element of Knowledge involves the understandingbehind the artistic expression of Hip-hop.

3.Hip-hop and Rap as a form of Human Expression

Rapand hip-hop came to be viewed as an artistic form of human expressionin the late 1960s when DJs’ commentaries changed entirely from theskills of the disc jockey to their stories and personal experiences.

4.My Feeling about this Art Form

Hiphop was and is a powerful art form whose aim is to empower peoplealthough this role has changed in the recent years. In the past,hip-hop expressed messages of political advocacy, history of theblack as well as it lifted the spirits of the oppressed population inthe society. I feel that today’s hip-hop is made to amuse itsconsumers and not the society.

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