Henry Thompson Case Conceptualization

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HenryThompson Case Conceptualization



Henry Thompsons Case Conceptualization

Henry Thompson’s main demographic variable is that he is an AfricanAmerican aged 56 years old. He is an individual with a wellsocioeconomic status based on the fact that he is a televisionproducer and has won Hollywood awards as best television producer.The initial diagnosis is that he suffers from marital strain. Onereason for marital strain is due to his infidelity stemming fromtraveling a lot and subsequently being away from home. Another reasonis that that he feels stress from complex family responsibilitiesthat include extended family members, such as his mother in law andhis half-brother.

Henry has multicultural identities since he has an adopted firstchild from China and his family origin is African American. Theworldviews that have based on multicultural identities is that hewants to eliminate ethnicity difference. The value system that Henrymight bring when he interacts with others is that racial, gender, andreligious discrimination may be eliminated based on that he is a rolemodel. He is an African American but interacts with Chinese and otherethnic groups so that they can be compatible and live well.

One of the similarities that I share with Henry is that I hate racialdiscrimination adopting a Chinese child implies that he does nothave any issue with ethnicity difference (Fowers &amp Davidov,2006). The difference is that understanding of other in terms of whatthey like may be a hindrance to many people since they do not respectother people choice. The knowledge that psychologist have so thatthey can deal with individuals like Henry is that he is compatiblewith other people from other ethnic community. The skills that Iposses so that I can work with Henry is that as a psychologist Iunderstand the issues of adopting children and family strains.

My therapeutic approach to working with Henry is that he needs tounderstand and take care based on that he has issue with his marriageis co-occurring disorders (COD). This implies that the counselor willmanage Henry feelings and biases so that he can be an example toothers. An ethical dilemma that may arise when working with Henry isthat he may fail to perform his work due to family strains Thechallenges that I anticipate in working with Henry is that he mayfail to concentrate on his work based that he has a lot ofresponsibilities and family issues (Fowers &amp Davidov). To resolvethe issue he has to deal with family matters first. The skills that Iposses that will engage in multicultural competent practice isability to speak in different languages and compatibility with otherpeople. The next is avoidance is consumption of alcohol that ismaking him to have marriage hiccups.


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