Health Trends and Challenges

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HealthTrends and Challenges

HealthTrends and Challenges

Thehealth care sector has been going through numerous changes, some ofwhich are triggered by emerging challenges. The key adjustments beingmade in this sector are geared towards ensuring that the health careservices are accessible, meet the desired levels of quality, and theyare affordable (Bowser, 2012). However, balancing the three aspectsis the major challenge. For example, the establishment of conciergefacilities is an ongoing trend that has increased patient-doctorcontact, with the objective of enhancing patient satisfaction,quality of care, and access to qualified providers (Bowser, 2012).However, these concierge types of facilities are quite expensive,which implies that they are only accessible to the rich. Therefore,the new trend caters for quality and access, while neglecting theaspect of affordability.

Thesecond trend affecting the health care sector is a significantincrease in cases of chronic illness. It is estimated that one out offive people are at the risk of suffering from chronic illnesses at apoint in their lifetime (Jennings, 2009). This trend can beattributed to the population ageing and environmental factors (suchas air pollution) that increase the risk of citizens contractingchronic diseases. Chronic diseases (such as asthma) as well aslong-term illnesses are increasingly becoming common phenomena, whichimply that more funds will be required to administer treatment. Thisis because chronic illnesses require more drugs and doctor’s time.


Thehealth care sector is among the industries that are experiencingnumerous trends that affect the way services are rendered. Some ofthe common trends include the increase in demand for conciergeservices and an increase in chronic illnesses. Although conciergeservices have enhanced the level of quality, the cost of care hasescalated. In addition, chronic illnesses are quite expensive totreat, which has increased the cost of delivering health care.


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