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Gunviolence in the United States is simply unimaginable. The countrysuffers massive violence than any other developed country in theworld. It is almost a regular occurrence for men women and childrento lose their lives on these issues. Gun battles firearm accidentsshooting during disputes among family and friends are some of theissues that result in the increase in gun violence. These rampagesthat are brought by seemingly angry men who open fire to placesexpected to be safe (Spitzer, 2015). In this, no one is safe fromthese attacks when they happen as moviegoers, worshippers and evenlittle children have been attacked.

Whenthese attacks do, happen it usually calls for national talks becauseof the shock and panic of to the Americana. However even if itemphasizes stricter gun laws the regulation never took place. Americaleads by the homicide rates and the number of guns owned bycivilians. As there is nearly one gun per every adult that is ownedprivately. However, these guns are not owned by all the Americanpopulation but by a minority of the population. A minority thatcriticizes any form of gun control regulation. Despite the strongcoloration between the gun ownerships and gun violence. Theseminorities will passionately scare the legislators into enforcing guncontrol regulations even to an extent of making them vote against theregulations.

Inconclusion, the public wants strict gun control laws to be put inplace. However, this never happens. As there is a strong link betweencivilian gun ownerships and the gun violence. One of the majorreasons why these gun laws never pass is that the gun lobby isalthough old but very powerful. The Americans would want bans on theassault type of rifles, bans on high capacity ammunition and federaltracking of gun owners. This, however, is overpowered by the gunlobby that has more support that the gun restriction groups. As thelobbies are better funded, better organised and have more support atthe grassroots. This makes the legislators willing to discuss gunlegislation, but the supporters of the gun control face largeobstacles making it impossible to pass the laws (Spitzer, 2015).


Spitzer,R. J. (2015). Thepolitics of gun control.

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