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GroupDiscussion Response Posts

Comment1: Branden Lucas

Youhave made a good argument about the dominant perspective in managingthe resources in the United States. I like the way you have explainedthe diversities that exist in the different cultural values. In myview, I think these diversities are the very reasons that necessitatethe formation of a dominant perspective. This is because the dominantperspective will force the people with different diversities to cometo a common point of view. In my opinion, the dominant perspectivewill not necessarily mean to erase the already existing values bydifferent subcultures. In fact, I think the dominant perspective willjust be reinforcement to the diverse values and help the people tofollow a certain course, despite having different value systems.While I take a different view, I agree with you totally that thediversities of the American people should be considered, in relationto the caring of the environment.

Comment2: Chang Won Park

Ilike the way you have explained the topic from the perspective of theAmerican Indians. You have taken an interesting view of theirculture, which forms a very strong point of view. I totally agreewith you that it was challenging for other people to understand howimportant the environment was to the native Indians. Their value fornature was beyond measure, and was considered in almost all theirsocial and economic activities. Therefore, if these cultures aretaken into consideration when forming a dominant perspective, Ibelieve the American society can make progress in taking care of theenvironment. I get your argument that this is the reason why thereshould not be a dominant perspective. In my view, this dominantperspective should not limit the application of the strong valuesthat promoted the preservation of nature and the environment.

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