Globalization Henry Ford Changes the World, 1908

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Globalization:Henry Ford Changes the World, 1908


Globalization:Henry Ford Changes the World, 1908

Globalizationhas been referred by man as the sole initiator of development in theworld. Through globalization, the world has become a global village,and numerous historical developments and inventions have beenreferred to have contributed immensely. One of the contributions tohave resulted into a great contribution is the invention ofautomobile machines or the cars. This paper is a response to anarticle about globalization. The paper provides a summary of thearticle, and how it relates to the globalization topic.


HenryFord Changes the World, 1908 is an article published one of thecredible history websites (EyeWitness to History.Com). The articleaddresses the development of the automobile machines in the 20thcentury focusing on the contribution of Henry ford. In addition, thearticle addresses the evolution of the car development industry andthe massive contribution of the car market by the Ford motor company.The company focused on produced simple and affordable cars to theAmerican society, and this in 1914 become a reality as the companyclaimed 48% of the car market. The article further analyzes theevolution of the car from the T model, the model-A, however, Fordcontinued to focus on producing simple and affordable cars. Finally,the article discusses the establishment of assembly lines to increasethe production of the cars which was becoming a renowned mode oftransport (EyeWitness to, 2016).

Howthe Article Relates To the Course Theme (Globalization)

Oneof the major contributing factors to the aspect of globalization isthe ability of movement of people, goods and services from one placeto another. In a simple definition, globalization is referred as thedevelopment or movement towards financial, trade, and communicationintegration. The article is related through globalization through byaddressing one of the key elements behind globalization, which istransport, and the evolution of cars as the major transport mode.

Inaddition, to the evolution of car manufacture as the most preferredmode of transport. The article also addresses the impact ofglobalization to the globe. With the increased demand for the carsmade by the Ford Company. By controlling 48% of the car market, thiswas a clear indication of the massive growth and globalization thatwas contributed by the transport industry (Wilson, 2014). Finally,the article is a clear reflection of the evolution of globalizationthrough different development such as car manufacture, whichcontributed to growth and expansion of transport and development oflinks between nations.


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