Global management questions

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Globalmanagement questions

Reasonsbehind the growing convergence and interdependence of labor unions

Laborunions all over the world work with the same purpose of ensuring thewelfare of the laborer. In so doing, the unions face many challengeswhich they have to conquer. Some forces work against the goal of suchunions and if the unions are not strong enough, they cannot counterthese forces. In order to withstand such forces, there has been anincrease in the convergence and interdependence of labor unions. Agood example of this is the umbrella body International labororganization. Every country, region and economic blocks have theirrespective labor organizations which draw their functioning from theILO. In this case, the respective role of the trade unions as forcesof mobilizing against economic liberalism gets sufficiently fertileground for the social struggles, courtesy of working together asunions (Clegg,2007).

Variationsin the mobility and leadership roles for women

Thepredominant division of labor between genders has led to men andwomen assuming imbalanced positions in regards to power, prestige andwealth. This arrangement and male supremacy, no doubt, have someeffects for the position and social mobility of the women. Complexsocial and cultural issues are the main reasons behind the variationin the roles of women around the world. Another aspect behind thesevariations is that the values and expectations regarding the role ofwomen in a particular society dictate the chances for indigenousfemale employees to move up the ladder of management in a givenculture. An example of this is Japan. The workplace in Japan hastraditionally been male domain as far as managerial careers areconcerned. In this case, it is hard for a woman to climb themanagerial ladder.

Globalmanagement teams, advantages and disadvantages

Thereis an increasing need for groups of management from differentcountries to work alongside each other for effectiveness of theglobal organizations (Clegg, 2007). Global management teams worktogether as enduring management teams or to resource particularprojects addressing major business issues. Working in globalmanagement teams be both advantageous and sometimes problematic.Through such teams, the performance is not always at the extentexpected or required. The teams however filter decisionsmaking down to all levels of management. Traditionally, there was astructured organizations which rely on top of management for theirdecision making process. Team-based management is decentralized. Lackof centralization is a disadvantage since it can lead to coordinationand control problems for management.


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