Genetics and Genomics

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Geneticsand Genomics

Geneticsand genomics are often used interchangeably although there existclear differences between the two. Genetics studies the individualgenes and their significance in inheritance. The field has helped inexamining the various mechanisms to diagnose disorders. On its part,genomics is the study of the genetic formation of an entire organism.It seeks to understand how genome relates to the environment andother non-genetic factors. It serves to help researchers incontemplating how complex and lifestyle diseases. Genomics hasassisted in enhancing the medical treatment and management ofdiseases such as diabetes. Some illnesses such as cancer caused byvariations in genes present challenges to the health practitioners.Genomics enables one to understand the interactions between the genesand environment, hence enabling the health practitioners to generatecontrol mechanisms.

Thenursing profession is a significant contributor in the provision ofquality healthcare services. It is also helpful in closing the gapsbetween research, health problems, and outcomes. Genomic discoverieshave helped in the treatment of complicated diseases. It is necessarythat the nurses acquire the right skills on genomics such drugeffects and risk factors. Nurses should be on the frontline to ensurethat the public has access health information. Further, nurses needto observe the impact of drugs and diagnosis on the patients thatshould be passed to the researchers for further analysis. Nursingresearch has a role to play in the health promotion. Clinicaloutcomes are later incorporated into the medical research. Ingenomics, nurses can help examine the social and psychologicalfactors that influence clinical outcomes (Milstead, 2013).

Geneticsand genomics have great importance in the treatment responses. Thetwo fields are applicable in the nursing and clinical practice,particularly in the management of complex diseases. The disease riskand therapies have a genetic or genomic element. Diabetes, forinstance, has an excellent link with the lifestyle and environmentalfactors. Genomics is thus important to help the practitioners inexamining the interaction between the genome and the environment(Beery &amp Workman, 2012). With appropriate information, the nursescan utilize the risk factors and nursing knowledge to proposemedication to the patients. Nurses’ knowledge and skills areinstrumental in policymaking, particularly in diagnosis andmanagement of diseases. Through their knowledge on genomics, nursescan create awareness that would educate the public on the diseaserisk factors. Every day, advancement in genetic and genomics istransformed into practice within the nursing practice. Screening andpharmacogenomics, for instance, utilize the two fields. Inpolicymaking, the nurses need to understand the ethical challengesthat arise when individuals receive genomic-based care (Milstead,2013). Genomic technologies will enable health practitioners andresearchers to have a better understanding of drug responses.Institutions offering bioengineering and genomic medicine are openfor the nurses to gain more knowledge on genomics and genetics(Satya, 2007). Integration of genomics information helps inidentifying diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Theinterventions are helpful in the promotion of the population’shealth. It is also important in proposing generic interventions forcomplicated diseases such as cancer.

Inconclusion, genetic and genomic knowledge is essential to promotehealth and manage complex diseases. While the two fields are related,the prevailing differences help in examining the lifestyle diseasesthat appear complicated to diagnose or manage. In the contemporarysociety, various complicated diseases arise every day. Theseillnesses show a significant relation with the environment andlifestyle factors. It is thus appropriate that health practitionersand researchers dedicate their time in studying genomics to help inreducing human suffering.


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