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Victor and his monster are seeking power they are motivated byfame, power, and evil that lead to their demise.


Victor’s novel has numerous characters that have differentroles in the novel. The major characters in the novel include Victor, Robert Walton, and the monster among other characters.

Victor, both the protagonist and narrator of the novel, hasdecided to use his knowledge and power of science to create animaginary creation, the monster. He feels frustrated of this creaturehe created because of the extraordinary power it has that has madehim unable to control the creature. The main purpose of creating thecreature has failed, and this is making Victor guilty and ashamed toan extent he decides to keep the creation of the monster a secret.Instead of using the monster to show the power he has indirectly, themonster has turned out to ruin his life and the life of other people.The need for godlike power through evil means of using the monsterleads to his demise even though he gained fame. He intended to usethe godlike power to create new life. Through the science ofalchemist he studied, he transforms himself to an animalisticobsession and decides to counter the monster (Shelley, 1994).

Themonster, a creation of Victor through old body parts and chemicalshas become intelligent and sensitive to the people. He has decided towiden his social network to integrate with people. People seem torealize the motives of the monster to gain power over them, andwhenever they see him, they shun him. Due to the frustration ofpeople abandoning and keeping a distance from him, the monster hasdecided to revenge against the people and Victor who created him. Themonster believes in the super natural evil power in him to obtainpower from people. Out of the frustration of being abandoned by hiscreator, he decides to wipe out Victor and his family. At Geneva, themonster hits Victor’s brother William with a piece of good killinghim instantly. Through the abandonment he received, he turned out tobe evil and turned against the people in the community including thepeasants.

Thegroup of peasants in the community has realized the monster is not ahuman being though he has studied the way these peasants used tospeak and interact with one another (Glut, 2002). He uses the samestyle to interact with the peasants. The peasants realize theintention of the monster to use its power to overrule them. Theydecide to beat and shun him wherever he appears before them. Bybeating and sending the monsters away, they free themselves from thepower of the monster and the likes of Victor.

RobertWalton is using letters to describe the series of events as they arehappening in this narrative (Hoobler and Thomas, 2006). The readercan know the attitudes and emotions of the characters in thenarrative that are explained in the letters. These letters enable thereader know the story of Victor and the monitor he created from hiscreativity. He is the final confessor of the events that led toVictor’s death. The story of Victor from the beginning to the endfits in the letters. The roles he plays are parallel to that ofVictor in several ways. He is motivated by his knowledge ofexploration. He tries to go past the secret of life by promising theNorth Pole where he almost died.

is driven by the need to know the secrecy of life. He has priorknowledge of what science entails and goes ahead to explore it. Afterknowing what the secrets of life were through science, he goes a stepahead to assemble the old body parts and use some strange science tomake the monster a feeling that made him feel like having godlikepowers. The motivation of creating life is only kept to Victor, andhe keeps it a secret that up to his death no one had known till hisdeath. The strategy he used to destroy the monster is full of sciencethat nobody was aware of till his dead when he told Walton.

Themonster asserts power over victor by eliminating him and his family.The monster started by observing the way the peasants werecommunicating and decided to socialize with them though in most casesthey were unwelcoming. The monster became terrific after he had knownhow to speak. His sinister moments started after he ran away fromVictor’s workshop and killing William. After this killing, themonster goes on to wipe out the entire family of Victor. Thesekillings portray the monster as a beast whose violent to any humanbeing. He can do anything he wants to do anytime. The motivation themonster has is the loneliness that he has faced after being abandonedby Victor. He wonders that the appearance he had scares people to anextent when they see him the beat, shun and chase him away. The factthat Victor kept the creation of this monster a secret worsensmatters as the monster turns wild and starts to kill people.


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