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Brutalityin Sinjar town, Iraq

CNNreports that Sinjar town in Iraq is in tears after terroristssurrounded a section of the town and forcing some of the childreninhabitants to join them. The reports indicate that the children whofailed to honor the order given by the terrorists were brutallymurdered and buried. Those who honored the order in fear of beingmurdered are still missing up to the time CNN aired this report.Those who escaped the evil acts of the ISIS group are now shelteringin refugee camps at the Kurdish region. The survivors are stillrecounting the incident as the testimonies are still haunting them.The situation is devastating as the process to identify the deadbodies is ongoing (Elbagir, 2016).

Propermethods should be employed to track down the ISIS terrorists who aredoing mayhem to the innocent citizens of Iraq. They are severalbenefits that are attached to tracking down these terrorists. Tostart with, the security of the citizens will be guaranteed, and thecitizens will stay in their homes free of fear. The security of thecitizens will show that the government has the potential to deal withthe terrorists who are threatening the security of its citizens.Another benefit is that the terrorists will be pressured to surrenderand, or surrender to the Iraq government. Similarly, the world willknow who the masterminds of this ISIS group are and their realintention of attacking the innocent citizens.

Thelimitations of employing the correct method to deal with theseterrorists arise due advanced technology. This is due to the use ofadvanced technology to come up with dangerous weapons that they mayopt to use if a reasonable force is used against them. This will putthe life of the hostages in danger. Another limitation is that theseterrorists come at odd hours making the response teams to suchemergencies inefficient in their operation activities.

Securityis a challenge that every country is facing globally. Everyindividual should be responsible and report any suspicious activitiesthat may be noticed around them. The government of Iraq should investa reasonable percentage of its funds in security so that thestandards of its security apparatus may be upgraded. The appropriatemethod of tracking down the terrorists will only be possible if aneffort is made by the government and invest in the security sector.Otherwise, security will continue to be an issue to the governmentand its citizens (PBS, 2015).

Thealternative method that can be used to track down the terrorists ismaking efforts by use of the military forces and aid from othercountries, the terrorists can be followed to their territories,attacked and all their weapons destroyed. This will help minimize theimpact felt when these terrorists attack citizens. The continuousattacks from the government are likely to eliminate such terroristgroups completely from the countries where they are common. If thecountry is unable to use this approach, it can make use of theforeign troops to accomplish the mission.

Atthis point, it will be better to post a question to the class for thediscussion purposes. There are several terrorist groups all over theworld who attack and kill innocent citizens of some identifiedcountries. What is the real intention and target of these maliciousgroups and is this the only way they can achieve their intention?


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