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Finda landlord


Fromthe analysis, it is clear the revolution of mobile has madesignificant changes in peoples’ life. This is why we decided tocome up with the app, called FAL, which will assist many tenants aswell as landlords to connect with each other. From our industrialanalysis, it is clear that there are many people who normally usemobile phone on daily basis. As a result, providing these mobilephone users with an app that can assist them to find a house, and onother hand, post the details of the house to the customers is anawesome idea.

FALis a mobile app that is designed to help customers find their idealliving arrangements through being able to look up landlords and seenot only their listings but reviews of the landlord as well.This app will be design in manner that, itwill allow for the landlord to write a description about themselvesand this product would act as a form of advertising for the landlordsthat choose to sign up.Under each landlords asidefrom written reviews, will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars basedon the landlord`s overall service, their personality, the quality oftheir houses. The users will also be able to filter landlords to showhow many houses the landlord has available, the size of the houseswith respect to rooms and price ranges(on a per bedroom basis).After buying this app, itwill allow users to have more knowledge on the landlords in theirarea and will have a better idea of which landlords they will want.

First,we will conduct a pilot study for the project in order to see how itwill work. We will give a trial version to some landlords andtenants, and if they are satisfied with the product, we will ask ourdeveloper to come up with the final product. In case the customers’demands some changes, we will forward their demand to our developersso that they can be included in the final version.

Afterthe completion of the app, it will be posted to google play store,apple’s store and opera store as well other mobile applicationplatform. Users will need to download it and install the app to theirmobile handset. Afterward, they will register either as landlord ortenants. The landlord interface will be design in a way that, theycan be able to post the details of their houses, such as a prices,contact details, pictures of the house and location among otherdetails, which will be vital while searching for a house to rent.After posting the house for rent, the tenants will be able to viewthe house, and from there, they can contact the landlord if they aresatisfied with the house.

Fromthe SWOT analysis, it is clear that this app has lots of merits thandemerits. This app will definitely eliminate agents or otherintermediaries who normally exploit both the landlord as well as thetenants. The intermediaries normally charge the landlord forsearching the customer, and also, they charges the tenants forsearching the houses for them. This is clearly a double standardbusiness, which ought to be scraped immediately. Additionally, theapplication will save users time, as they will not travel looking foragents to find a house or customers. Users will only go to app, andsearch for a house or post a house. Moreover, there can be goodcustomer relationships, since the tenants will directly communicatewith the landlords. We can also run small advertisements on the app,which will definitely boost our income or profit margin. Since thisapp will be design to tap young person, it will be easier to marketthis app to this category of users through social medias as well asother websites that offers free advertising ads, such as kijiji’sand OLX among others (Kaplan&amp Haenlein, 2010).

However,there are always two sides for a coin. Despite the above merits, thisapp has some few demerits. First, developing the app is a bitexpensive, though there are no specific charges from developers. As aresult, we will have to negotiate on the best price in the market. Inaddition, the app must be secured in order to safeguard thecustomers’ information. Therefore, we will need to purchase SSLcertificate in order to guarantee the customers that theirinformation cannot be hacked or infringed. It will also not be easierto market the app, especially to the landlord. Thus, we will needextra funds in order for us to be able find customers. We will marketthe app though social media, telemarketing, mail as well as othermarketing websites that run viral ads. There will be obstacles fromsucceeding, since this is a group work. Moreover, there can be agroup conflict, since members may have a distinct view from oneanother. The group may also not release the app on time, as somemembers may delay in submitting their parts or contributions. Lack ofinformation in the real estate and technology markets can be anotherchallenge. In most cases, it is not easier to access or locate somevital information regarding a given real estate due to poortechnology. This can also be a problem to user, as they must haveaccess to internet in order to use the app. It can be a bit costlyfor the user while uploading or posting the details of the house, andalso for the customers when viewing the house. Thus, some users maynot use the app due to the internet cost or unable to connect to theinternet.

Theworst part will be to run out funds to support the projectcompletely. Considering the requirements for this app and theresearch necessitated, we fear that we might run out of funds inorder to complete the project. Moreover, some potential users mayturn down our app while looking for houses to rent. In the reviewform, if we get bad survey or feedbacks from the customers, it mightdefine our future. Bad reviews will definitely chase away thecustomers, and when new customers review it, they will fear to usethe app, which means that, the app might not have any customer in thefuture.

Ina nutshell, FALwill be a mobile app that will be user friendly to both the landlordsas well as the tenants. Users will only be required to purchase theapp while registering only. Afterward, the app will not have anyother charges regarding how many times the user uses it. This will bean added advantage while compared to traditional method of usingagents, who normally charges the customer every time they use theirservices.


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