Final Project Milestone 2 Historical

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FinalProject Milestone 2: Historical


FinalProject Milestone 2: Historical

Cultureplays an important role in the social life of every individual.People’s life surround various aspects brought about by culture.One of the popular aspects of the culture is the cultural artifact.This is an item that, when got, reveals important informationconcerning the society that invented or used it. Many things can beconsidered to be a cultural artifact. However, there is somelimitation of the qualification. A cultural artifact will includeanything that marks the social, economic, political, or religiousorganization of individuals whom they belonged to (Gowans,2012).In this essay, Social media and the biggest loser television show arediscussed as examples of popular cultural artifacts.


Socialmedia has changed over time. The introduction of Facebook undersocial networking has had a lot of impact in the structure and styleof social networking. Social networking began long time ago, butthings changed with the Facebook came in. social networking is neverthe same. Almost every person in the present world has or at one timehad a Facebook account. It is a normal thing to meet a stranger atthe first sight and seek his or her Facebook account details so thatyou can continue being in touch. Social networking using Facebooksite gives one a chance to connect with family and friends across theworld. The audience of the artifact has changed from time to time.Currently, Facebook is seen to be a popular way for networking inbusiness sector (,2015).Since the site gives a good platform for social networking, manypeople who may be considered potential customers are easily accessedthrough it. Businesses have therefore resolved to use Facebook as away of advertising their products and services. Facebook has madeadvertising easy that when one likes a business or website he or shewill receive more detailed information about new products beingoffered in the market.

Thebiggest loser show There have been various television showsin our country, most of which have had great influence in the livesof citizens. Reality shows have a lot to impact the social politicaland economic status of the nation. The television show “The BiggestLoser”, has been aired quite for some time. The show being areality show is taken as a popular culture artifact. Reality showsare a form of people watching and many people nowadays like watchingsuch shows (Miller&amp Mendelson, 2011). Watchingthe biggest loser show, the audience has a chance to see peopletransforming their lives in reality in a matter of months. Theparticipants of the show are basically obese and in most cases theyare morbidly obese. The selected contestants usually have a dominionof medical problems such as diabetes and cardiovasculardisease (,2015). Unlikedecades ago, the biggest loser show is much of mental than physical.In the course of the show, the participants are taught how to dealwith their emotions in a positive way. This was not the case long agowhere it used to be thorough exercise. They are also taught to eathealthy foods as they balance with a quality diet. This has made theshow to be much loved since at the end of it all, the participantscome out completely transformed in their bodies and lives. Most ofthem come out having lost a substantial amount of weight as well ashaving regained their initial confidence before they became obese. Inthis way, most people are attracted to watch it and that is whatmakes the popular culture (,2015).

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