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Filmthe Tunnel



Inboth films, the dictatorship regimes ignore the plight of the peopleand forces them to comply with the governance. IN the “tunnel”,there are a series of killing made by the self-proclaimed truthterrorist. The murders are meant to reveal some truths about theinjustices that the authority is conducting on behalf. Instead, thecall by the truth terrorist is ignored which further makes peoplefear and comply with the dictatorship. In the film “The Lives ofOthers”, some people commit suicide due to the fear of theauthority.

Thefirst is the Dreyman girlfriend, who commit suicide due to fear ofthe repercussion. The threat of arrest by the dictatorships makespeople conform due to the accompanying punishment. Fear is instilledin the mind of people and as such, they are forced to conform to theset rules and principles. Extreme fear is portrayed by people likeAlbert Jerska who commits suicide after handing the music sheet toDreyman due to fear of the unknown.


Inthe Tunnel, people are willing to risk their life in crossing to thewest due to the various plight facing the people. They are clearlyindicated by the truth terrorist as the truth. The inequality beforethe law subjected to the people. Alain is run over by a high-speedtrain, but justice is not done to the same. So many other injusticesare done to the people but what even drives the truth terrorist toact is negligence and ignorance on the part of the government.

Socialinequality exist, and wealthier business people are forced to makedonations to charity. The suicide victims are ignored and so areother social crimes including abduction and little is done by theregimes. On one occasion a character is encouraged to seek refuge inLondon so as to be secure without any clear explanation. The masskilling and disappearance forces people to flee across to the west.


Weislerwas a Staci agent who suggested investigation towards the activity ofDreyman. He installed the surveillance tools into the activity of thepro-communist Dreyman and his girlfriend. However, it was a matter oftime before Weisler started to protect him from the wrath of the EastGermany brutal dictatorship.

Ican attribute this shift to the realization of the truth by Weisler.The communist dictatorship regime ignored the plight of the peopleand as such, Weisler is a rational and liberal thinker who shares somuch in ideology with Dreyman. He does not only help Dreyman byremoving the surveillance but also through the elimination of theevidence that could have linked Dreyman to the annoying article. Thetruth about the fight that Dreyman is forging is reflected and,therefore, Weisler have to protect what is right, just and fair tothe people.


Dreymanis not happy by the way the regime treats his colleagues despite thesupport he has on the Communist regime. The other writers areunfairly treated, and the reason Dreyman does not undergo the same isdue to his international recognition and the friendship he commandedfrom Weisler, the Staci, who is in charge of his surveillance. Hetherefore. Received political shield from the regime and is notunfairly treated without any incriminating evidence.

Also,Albert Jerska commits suicide after handing in a sheet music for fearof the regime and its ruthlessness. Dreyman is not ideologicallyaligned with the authorities attempt to regulate freedom ofexpression by regulating through registration of all typewriters.


TheEast Germany created by Alex in the film is deplorable, and lifeseems miserable. This was to protect Christiane from the news thatthe wall had fallen and that the East and the West had reunified. Thecapitalist system was back, and people were free. The fantasized EastGermany portray the status quo of the former socialist regime wherealmost all aspect of life are controlled by the government.

However,Alex tries to fake almost everything including manipulating news toreflect the former East Germany regime of socialism where the statecontrolled almost everything. In the end, her mother learns of thetruth but dies two days after the full truth that the West had unitedwith the East to form what is today Germany.

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