Faith Based Nursing

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FaithBased Nursing


Healthypeople 2020 is an American-based organization that caters to deliverproper and improved health care in the public health sector. It aimsat eliminating preventable diseases using improved technology. Someof the objectives are generally acceptable to faith-based nursesincluding the parish-based nurses. These objectives agree with theparish nurses and other faith communities. Access to the healthcareservices is one of the objectives. This access allows that thequality of life of each individual is upheld. The other objective isfood safety. This is achieved when food is properly handled and ahigh level of hygiene is maintained. This prevents foodborne diseasesand eliminates cases of food poisoning. Education and community-basedprograms is a key objective that also the parish nurses seriouslypropagate. The nurses use this opportunity to avail proper healthcareto communities as well as provide high quality education. The aimhere is to improve people’s lifestyle and the quality of life.

Healthypeople also play a part in ensuring vision preservation andprotection against blindness. As part of this program, nurses play apart by creating awareness and providing free eye check-up.Partnerships in nursing practice strengthen the working relations,therefore leading to improved healthcare. It is even better whenlocal nurses form partnerships with faith-based nurses. The life of apatient is held in high regard and sanctity of life is preserved onthe basis of faith. This leads to restoration of hope to the patientsand they are able to recover faster (Vincent, 2010).

Collaboration,Community and Care

Thereare several strategic goals that local and state health departmentsplay in health care promotion. Firstly, they aim at increase ofquality healthy life in order to prevent early deaths. They alsoavail proper data to guide the correct decision-making in future.Cooperation by the working force improves efficiency and a highquality of service. Quality care is provided to the patients and thisallows contentment by the patients who are receiving these services. Strategic planning also allows efficiency coordination of otheractivities in the health department in the public sector (Shi, 2007).The new groups in the process are crucial as there is an exchange ofknowledge between the old and the new groups.


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