Faith Based Nurse Review of Healthy People 2020

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FaithBased Nurse: Review of Healthy People 2020

FaithBased Nurse: Review of Healthy People 2020


Accordingto the objectives that were set during the formation of healthypeople 2020 initiative, that include working together of differentgroups to achieve a healthy nation, the objectives that may beamenable to parish nurse interventions include ensuring that peopleattain high quality and longer life that is free from preventablediseases. Equally is life free of injuries, disabilities, andpremature deaths. He may also help in eliminating disparities andmaking sure that all people are given equal health care serviceshence improve their health. The nurse will also create physical andsocial environment that promotes good health of all the people, theirdevelopment and behaviors across all life stages (CDC, 2011).


Faithcommunities can contribute to the accomplishment of national healthobjectives by educating the people on their rights to get goodhealth, their roles in ensuring that children are given healthydevelopment requirement at all stages. They can also contribute bydoing health promotion in churches and creating awareness on howtheir faithful’s can live a healthy life. This may also be donethrough offering congregation nutritional education, ways ofpreventing diseases and how to protect their families fromcontracting dangerous diseases through education on healthy livingand family members’ responsibilities.


Nursesworking in community can form partnership with parish nurses byforming community based organizations and groups aimed at offeringcommunity services like health education and nutritional counseling.The two can also form partnership through administration of vaccinesrecommended by the national health department in parish and in otherinstitutions. The partnership can also be formed through communityparish initiative in addressing a particular problem I the communitylike high rate of drug abuse. Such partnership would be beneficial inthe sense that the community will get high quality health services,the services will be readily available for community members andemployment creation for community members will also be achieved. Ahealthy community will also be developed through mentorship by thesepartnerships.Question4

Localand state health department has played critical roles in ensuringthat health care promotion and goals are achieved. These includeprovision of resources for community nurses, and provision of meetingplaces to enhance community education of good health practices.Educating the local community members on their rights to good healthand encouraging its members to attend health promotion meetings andhealth care institutions for their own benefits. It has also createdawareness to the community on roles of health facilities and has doneadvertisement of these health goals to the public through the media.


Collaborationand partnerships is very critical for the success of this programsince this will enable the objectives of the program to be conveyedto a larger population hence reach out to many peoples. Theincorporation of groups is very critical as the program goals havenot yet been achieved fully and most of the people who are affectedhealth wise belong to these groups.


Nursesin public health could assist clients to modify unhealthy behaviorsand develop strategies to improve their health by educating them onways f living healthier life, educating them on healthier nutritionalbehaviors and also following up to ensure that they comply with theregulations taught to them.


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