Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl`s Habits

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FacingPoverty with a Rich Girl`s Habits

Theauthor of the essay is Suki Kim and the title given to the essay is“FacingPoverty with A Rich Girl’s Habits”.The main concern raised by the author regards the life sheexperienced as a Korean while she lived in Korea and her later life,when their family moved to Queens. Generally, the essay indicates howthe author experienced affluent and poverty life in the twosurroundings (Kim, 2004). When the author was living in Korea, herfamily lived an affluent lifestyle which made her also experiencewealthy living. However, there was a major concern in Korea that madethe family to relocate to Queens the concern was that those who werebankrupt were sent to jail. So, when the author’s father wentbankrupt, he saw the need to move to Queens to avoid being jailed. InQueens, the author encountered poor living since almost everythingwas different from what she was used to.

Also,in her essay, the author has indicated that class division wasevident. This can be seen in the essay where she argues that althoughthere were other Koreans that she encountered in the E.S.L. class,there were little things she had in common with these Koreans sincefamily and education status of the family determined where theKoreans lived (Kim, 2004). Thus, class division was evident in theKim’s essay. Besides, although she knew that she was a Korean, shedid not know that she acquired a new title of an Asian-American byrelocating to Queens.

Anotherissue that the writer pointed out through the essay was thedifference in Korean life and that of Queens. Through the essay, thewriter indicates that students had different schooling life. One ofthe differences in the schooling life is that in Korean schools,students were taught to show respect to tutors however this wasdifferent in Queens since the writer indicates that “once I saw ateacher struggle to pronounce foreign sounding names from theattendance list while a boy in the front row French-kissed a girlwearing skintight jeans” (Kim, 2004).

Thepurpose of the writer is to show her life while living in a richfamily in Korea and her life while living in poverty in Queens. Thedifference in the two lifestyles is critical since it tries to showhow the writer struggled for independence. While living in Korea, theauthor was used to depend fully on others but she gained some sort ofindependence, when the family relocated to Queens. The genre of theessay can be classified as a memo because it tries to communicate anissue to a group of people. The audience in this case could be otherKoreans who move from Korea to the West countries. On the other hand,the tone of the writer first indicated frustrations and sadness dueto the challenges that she went through, but an achievement tone isdepicted at the end (Kim, 2004).

Byreading the essay, one can clearly try to put himself/herself in theshoes of the writer. It was frustrating and humiliating that thewriter had to undergo the challenges due to her family’s povertythat came overnight. Nevertheless, the emotions of frustrations withthe new environment come to change with the encounter with otherKoreans. The essay is encouraging to other Koreans who face classdivision due to their family or education status.


Kim,S. (2004). FacingPoverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits Essay.

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