Exploring the Book Who Moved My Cheese?

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Exploringthe Book WhoMoved My Cheese?

Exploringthe Book WhoMoved My Cheese?

Thebook WhoMoved My Cheese? isperhaps one of the most revealing books in relation to change,especially in personal career progression and finance. In my case,the book provided a compelling reason why I should be dynamic andexpect any circumstance in my journey towards career progress. Thestory presents the process of facing change and the different waysthat people respond to change. In my situation, the book provides astrong analogy of the changes that I expect and how I should dealwith them. In the text, Spencer further provides the ways that Ishould not deal with change. The discussion of the book will revealwhat cheese and the maze represent and analysis of the characters asthey relate to my personal life.

Inthe book, the cheese takes an historical representation of theopportunities that people have utilized over time. The cheesesymbolically represented the daily source of livelihood for peoplesince the historical times. In the book, the cheese is the onlysource of livelihood for all the characters. The characters are Sniffand Scurry, Hem or Haw (Johnson, 1998). Thefour of them all depend on the cheese as the source of livelihood.This historically represents the sources of income that people dependon as the sole source of livelihood. Particularly, the cheeserepresents employment, because it is the main source of income formost people in the word. This is because cheese provides food for thedaily life, which is the same as the employment in the real world.

Inmy personal life, the cheese represents employment as the main sourceof income. This practically means that employment is the main sourceof livelihood as the income from employment solely translates tofinancing my expenses. In this regard, I see the cheese representingthe employment opportunities that are available to me. According tome, employment forms a strong part of my annual income and monthlysource of income. Throughout the text, Spencer represents cheese asthe basic food that the four characters depend on. In this view,cheese represents the common and regular sources of income in mylife, with employment topping the list.

Onthe other hand, the maze represents the life of uncertainty.Historically, the economic situation that surrounds people in theworld has always been uncertain. The economic situation of the pasteconomies and the current economy are uncertain because the future isnot guaranteed in terms of the income and the sources of income. Theopportunities in life have always been limited, while the financialresponsibilities in life have been unlimited. As a result, theguarantee for a future income that sufficiently meets these needs isnot possible. This way, the uncertainty relates to the uncertaintythat is experienced in a maze, where no one knows where the locationof what he or she wants.

Inmy personal life, the maze represents the uncertainty of my economicsources of income. This uncertainty is associated with the futureprogression of my career and the expected opportunities. The mazerepresents the different employment opportunities and the companiesthat offer them. As a result of the uncertain future, my financiallife looks like a maze, as I keep looking for better opportunities.These opportunities are represented as locations of variousemployment opportunities that I am seeking in my future life. Theuncertainty of getting these in opportunities is what is representedby the maze in Spencer’s analogy.

Whilethe maze represents the uncertain locations of opportunities, it alsorepresents the career progression, as each stage in life is marked bydifferent type of opportunities. In this regard, the book talks aboutnew cheese. This new cheese is located in a location of the cheesethat is not the same as the one the four characters are used to.Therefore, all the unknown opportunities in my life are the locationsof the maze represented by the text.

Thecharacter that I relate to from the text is Haw.I identify with Hawbecause I am a little indecisive, yet I am good at noticingsituations that require change. While I admit that I am not quick tochange, I prefer to take risks when I determine that they are worthtaking, and that I am ready to take the cost involved. In theemployment life, I determine which the best opportunities of thefuture are and why they are better than the current, before takingthe courage to shift position.

Itis honest to admit that I am tempted to remain comfortable with thecurrent situation, just like Hawwas in the text. While many people may be quick to state that theyrelate to Sniff and Scurry, it is important to note the realsituation that opens to the indecisiveness in the text. In the text,Hawis initially indecisive and is affected by the reliance on the oldcheese station C (Johnson, 1998). The continued reliance on thecheese station C makes both Hem and Haw find comfort with theconstant supply.

Thecomfort of the current situation is what gives people the aspect ofindecisiveness.On the other hand, those people who are decisive are able notice theneed for change and prepare themselves, just like Sniff and Scurry.While these are two characters, they represent the same frame ofmind, thereby form in a single character of the text.

IfI was not afraid, I would take risks that are not only necessary, butalso calculated based on the current situations. I would makedecisions to embrace change, even before the necessity of changeappears. Unlike Sniff and Scurry, I would also go a step further tomake change decisions, not based on the past observations.

Asignificant aspect of life that I would appreciate is the smallchanges. To be successful in the change process, I will keenlyobserve the small changes as they happen and deduce the expectedchange that they represent. The small changes are the key indicatorsof the big change if only I will be keen to interpret theirsignificance. What makes me feel that Sniffand Scurry are excellent teachers of noticing small changes, is theway they were able to determine that cheese was absent because of theresult of the small, dwindling supply that has been taking place atthe cheese station C (Johnson, 1998).

Inconclusion, the book “WhoMoved My Cheese?”gives a clear analogy of how change affects our life and offersimportant lessons on how to prepare for it. In my life, the cheeserepresents the economic opportunities that I expect in theprofessional life, while the maze represents the uncertainenvironment. Despite being indecisive sometimes, I notice the momentthat calls for change, and makes the right decision to accept change.While change is inevitable, we should notice the small changes sothat we will be ready for the big changes in life.


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