Examples of Inductive Inference

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Statistical argument

99% of women wear high heeled shoes when going to work.

Mary is a woman, and she is supposed to report to work on Monday.

Therefore, Mary will wear high heeled shoes when going to work.

The inductive argument is quite strong. Given that a high percentageof women wear high heeled shoes when going to work, it is reasonablyconfident to argue that Mary will wear heels when going to work. As awoman, the premises have been used to provide strong support for theconclusion in the argument.

Causal argument

Examinations are used as criteria for determining students that getpromoted to the next grade. Normally, students are promoted to thenext grade only after passing the examinations. Hence, for a studentto progress to the next grade, they must pass in their examinations.

The argument is strong because it demonstrates a causal relationshipbetween passing examinations and getting promoted to the next grade.Passing examinations is used as the determining factor, hence it isthe cause, because they influence progress to the next grade or not.Progress to the next grade is the effect deriving from passing exams.

Argument from authority

The manager said that civil servants should not work during publicholidays.

The manager is an authority on when employees should or should notwork.

Therefore, it is true that civil servants should not work on publicholidays.

The reasoning is strong because there is an authority cited that isthe manager. The issue of civil servants working during publicholidays is one that is possible to settle based on the argumentgiven by the manager, who has authority over the issue.

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