Event that Changed my Life

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Eventthat Changed my Life

Asa young person, not all activities happening around can significantlyalter the way one view issues around him. This is complicated by thefact that when making a decision, young people highly depend on theviews of parents and caretakers in order to internalize and reach toa conclusive decision on the issue at hand. For me, caring about ourenvironment has not been an issue of my concern. Born and raised inthe US, none of my close family members including my father have everparticipated in an event aimed at environmental conservation. This isdespite the fact that there has been an adverse effect resulting fromenvironmental degradation across the globe, for instance, prolongedand deep winter, earthquakes, drought in African countries amongothers. For me, my poor perception on the need to conserve ourenvironment ended in 2011 when I lost my cousin, Chris, as a resultof the earthquake which rocked Japan in 2011.

Chris,a renowned business man in New York was one of my closest cousins anda mentor. During my childhood, he participated in majority ofactivities which I took part in such as swimming competitions inschools as well as on issues pertaining academic improvement. Heplayed an enormous role in ensuring that all of my cousins, who wereyounger than him, were adequately mentored, a factor thatsignificantly shaped our lives. After graduating from ColumbiaUniversity with a degree in mechanical engineering, Chris opened asmall mechanic shop in New York. As a result of his hard work, thebusiness grew rapidly forcing him to open branches in various partsof the US in order to meet the needs of the growing customer base.Thereafter, Chris acquired enough capital, and in collaboration withhis friend Peter who they lived together in Charlton Street, theystarted importing Japanese cars on behalf of their customers,although others were meant for display in their yards. I remember onethe summer holidays when Chris took us for a one month holiday inJapan. As a youngster, I really enjoyed being in Japan and learningtheir culture such as Judo,a martial art which originated from this great country.He also drove us around the city in his expensive Toyota cars such asToyotaAqua along with my parents.

However,during one of his usual trips on Friday 11 March 2011, an earthquakeof about 9.0 magnitudes on the Ritcher scale hit Japan. At the timeof its occurrence, Chris had just landed at Sendai Airport Japan totalk to one of his business partner. Just as they entered in one ofthe hotels around the airport, the earthquake did strike killingalmost all customers and attendants in the hotel. Likewise, theairport its self was badly damaged just like the other parts of thecountry. After learning about his sudden death, I could not holdback but to cry. It is during this time that I got interested to knowwhat causes earthquakes and how they can be prevented. One of thethings that I learnt is that, human activities leading to globalwarming is one of the major causes. With this in mind, I joined localorganizations aimed at environmental conservation such as thoseadvocating for the use of green energy as well as educating my familymembers on the impacts of climate change. I have also been a keensupporter of the efforts made by the US government and other worldleaders such as Pope Francis all aimed at environmental conservation.


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